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    Lighting control question

    I have 3 different set of lights that I'd like to control independently. The 2 outer lines are for lighting up cactus and planters along with the middle line being for the spa steps. Can they be controlled with the screen logic and put inside the Easytouch panel or will I have to get 3 separate...
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    Where to get lighting like this?

    I'm still slowly plugging away at the build and looking to add stairs up to my spa and thinking something like this? Where do you get this type of lights I don't have a lot of room as the spa does sit close to the patio but thought 2 stairs up might be nice to have another option of sitting...
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    New Pool Build in Apache Junction AZ

    I moved in last summer and wanted to get something started this spring but I'm behind on my timing. I wanted to go OB along with some help since I don't have a ton of time to research and I wanted some help on inspections and general knowledge. I was trying to get someone to come out to take a...