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  1. Matt F 1

    PVC Pool Saddle Racks

    Does anyone else get tied of stuff just lying around? We have all these saddles that end up in a pile at the end of the day and it just bugs the ^&%$ out of me. To much of a pain to put the under the deck and bring them out. So after a winter of pondering I came up with this. PVC racks that...
  2. Matt F 1

    Char-Griller Gravity 980?

    I was walking threw Lowes yerterday and came across this little item. Char-Griller Gravity 980 looks to be simular to a pellit grill but uses lump or bricket charcoal. Does anyone here have one and how does it do? .
  3. Matt F 1

    SWG setting?

    Just woundering what does everyone have their SWG set at? I had it set at 20% and the ppm would fall to 1 or less. With nobody in it fo a few days. I would just add about 8oz of shock to bring it up to 2-3ppm. FC / TC 1.04 pH 7.5 Alk 109 CH 234 Cya 41 .
  4. Matt F 1

    PB opening Cost

    l Got a letter from the PB over the weekend. Which states that the cost to open the pool will be 600 bucks but will discount it if I send a "Testimonial Letter" $50, "Google Review" $50, and also a check before March 31 $50. When we signed the contract the PB stated that the cost for opening and...
  5. Matt F 1

    Finally the deck is done.

    Started this project in June, with the pool due in September. Now the pool is winterized and covered. I never skirted the old deck because we store a folding picnic table under it ( wife hated that). So, I didn't want to loose the storage under it, The answer was doors. Now we storage for the...
  6. Matt F 1

    Sealing the Concrete?

    The concrete is a month old and the cover hasn't been installed yet. To seal or not to seal the concrete?
  7. Matt F 1

    IT's Here! in Plainfield

    We signed the contract in February and our turn has finally arrived September 17. It was a little longer than expected but worth the wait. Thursday Started digging about 9am at noon we had a finished hole. Gravel was placed and graded 1pm You can see the driveway they made to the back yard...
  8. Matt F 1

    LED Lights

    Just wondering how many is to much. We're getting a Thursday's Willspring 1636, I have 5 lights planned one on each end slightly off center pointing away from the house. The other three spaced out along the side next to the house. Is this Over Kill?
  9. Matt F 1

    Lay Out almost done

    Well, this will be the layout for the pool. Not on the sketch are the steps from the deck to the pool deck. The plan is to add them after the pool deck is done going left and right off the deck between the pool and deck about 4' wide. Another option would be to put a set on the right side going...
  10. Matt F 1

    Sold The Boat.....

    Hello All, Sold the boat last summer and the new adventure started about a month ago. After looking into the cost of a new boat or the cost of a pool in the back yard. Then I made a few phone calls to some neighbors and few friends that have pools, We've decided to put a pool in the back yard...