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    Water leaking through overflow drain

    My overflow drain exits out to the street curb. And waste (backwash, etc.) goes to the sewer line. The pool has been at least 1" below the fill line so there should not be any water coming out of the overflow drain. I contacted a pool guy I've used before. He stopped by and emailed that "It...
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    Is it really necessary to brush the pool?

    Maintaining my pool has gotten so much easier since I found TFT. It's almost too boring now :) I thought I would see what would happen if I stopped my weekly brushing I still have no algae after a month, even with the Texas heat. I understand that as long as your chlorine is at an adequate...
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    Jandy heater gets really hot in the sun - can I cover it?

    I have a Jandy heater that gets extremely hot in the middle of the afternoon. I don't know what the top of it is made out of, but the material get so hot in the afternoon sun that you get burned if you touch it. I can't imagine this would be good for the longevity of the unit... Could I cover...
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    Can't figure out these bubbles coming out of the spa return jet

    When I start the spa, I get bursts of very small bubbles (like champagne bubble size). It goes on for a few minutes. There are 6 return jets in the spa and the bubbles take turn alternating from two of them. After a few minutes they mostly stop with an occasional 1/2 second burst of bubbles...
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    How do I control spillover with my plumbing setup?

    Is it possible with my setup? I don't think I have a separate spa and pool drain valve.
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    Is there any harm in running pH at 8.0 if CSI is within range?

    My pool gets a lot of aeration due to spillover and water features. For the past several months, I've let the pH drift up to 8.2 before adding muratic acid to bring pH down to 7.8. If the CSI is within acceptable ranges, does it matter if pH is at 8.0-8.2?
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    Pressure side cleaner line converted into return jet

    My pool has a pressure side cleaner line that I do not use since I have a robot vac. The pool guy had an idea that instead of capping the line, we could turn it into another return line. So now it functions as another return jet (see attached pic of this modified plumbing). It seems unusual, so...
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    Preparing for freeze - did I do this right?

    We're expecting below freezing temps for a few days. I have three pumps - one for the pool and two for water features. I've set the pool pump to run 24/7 during the freeze. As for the other two, I've drained the water out and plan to leave them off. Is this okay? Or should I run all three pumps?
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    Calcium hardness level is always the same -- why?

    For at least the past year, I've noticed that my calcium hardness level never changes. It's always at 275. Over the summer I went through a 25lb bucket of cal hypo hoping to get my CH level up a little. But at the end it was the same - 275. I haven't tested my CH in the past few months, but...
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    Help: Pool deck causing moisture issues in house

    I hope I posted in the right forum (mods feel free to move if not). We bought the house in 2014. The pool/spa and deck were built in the early 2000s. We've been dealing with an extremely frustrating problem. Water/moisture is getting under the floors of the house in the rooms adjacent to the...
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    Installed a new variable speed pump. Is this much air normal?

    Here's a video of the pump running at around 3,000. There's an air gap that doesn't go away. It doesn't seem to be straining the pump. I didn't have any air gap with my old single speed pump. Is this normal?
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    DE in pool - can't figure out the problem

    So every time the filter is cleaned or backwashed, I end up with a pound or two of DE in my robot cleaner for a few weeks and then it gradually stops. The pool tech said he's checked the grids multiple times and he does not see a tear. The filter O ring is fairly new and I have a brand new...
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    Does PH at 8.0+ reduce chlorine effectiveness?

    I've read conflicting advice on this. Some say that a PH of 8.0, the effectiveness of chlorine drops to 20%. Others say PH has no effect on chlorine effectiveness. What's the verdict?
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    Temp sensor issues on new Aqualink RS

    The pool guy upgraded my automation system to an Aqualink RS yesterday. The pool and air temperatures have been way off. The air temp is showing 105 and the pool is showing 92. The outside temp should be 89 and I'm guessing the pool should be in the 70s. I can only calibrate the temp by up to 4...
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    Upgrading my single speed pump to VS. Am I getting the right size?

    I was recommended a 3hp Pentair intelliflo VS by a local pool company. I currently have a 2hp Pentair single speed. Here's a picture of the plumbing.
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    Jandy Aqualink vs Pentair IntelliCenter..

    I am upgrading my 15+ year pool equipment. It seems like I should go either all Jandy or all Pentair. I'm replacing pumps, lighting, heater, and automation system. The contractor is recommending Jandy equipment. But the Jandy aqualink has been out for several years. Does anyone know if Jandy...
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    Going to add boric acid this week. Do I need to adjust my levels?

    Currently: CYA: 50 CH: 425 TA: 70 PH: 7.6 Can I proceed with adding boric acid, or do I need to adjust anything first?
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    How are my numbers looking?

    With my TFT-100 kit: CYA: 35-40 Chlorine: 6 CC: 0 CH: 450 TA: 80 PH: 7.4 Also, I also got a water sample tested at Leslie's. Here's what they came up with: CYA: 40 Chlorine: 6 CC: 0.70 CH: 270 TA: 70 PH: 7.4 I double checked my CH because it was so off from Leslie's. I came up with 475 the...
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    FAS-DPD test help

    I have a TFT-100 kit. When I add the 5 drops of DPD #3, I get a very, very slight change in color. If I glanced away and looked back, I would say it's clear. But I can definitely see that it's 'less clear' as I'm adding the drops. So question is, can I interpret this result as between 0 - 0.5...
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    UGH! Incompetent pool technicians...why are there so many of them?

    I have had nothing but bad luck with pool guys. Before I found TFP, I went through 4 pool techs. They just throw pucks in there, scrub a little, and go onto the next house. Anyway, now I only use techs to clean my DE filter, and it looks like maybe that was not a good idea. After my filter...
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    TFT Kit CYA testing instructions -- instructions unclear

    After filling up the CYA bottle, the insert says to "mix then wait 30 seconds. Shake once more." How long do I mix it for? YouTube instructions for the Taylor kit (which I believe is the same) say to mix for 30 seconds. So do I mix for 30 seconds, wait 30 seconds?
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    Any reason to use stabilizer instead of switching to pucks for a while?

    I see a lot of bleach/liquid chlorine users recommending adding stabilizer when CYA gets too low. Is there any downside to switching to pucks for a month or so until the CYA gets back up?
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    How much chlorine is too high to swim in?

    The guy at Leslie's said my 13 ppm chlorine level was a health hazard. I try to keep it at 7-8 per the CYA chart (my CYA is ~30) but I had to shock it a few days ago. What is the cut off for you guys? There doesn't seem to be much consensus on what an 'unsafe' level of chlorine is. According to...
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    I'm adding 1/4 to 1/2 a jug of muriatic acid a week. Is this normal?

    My ph keeps creeping up to 7.8. That seems to be its happy spot, even with the alkalinity on the low side of 70-80. I add 1/4 to 1/2 jug of muriatic acid to get it down to 7.4-7.6. Is this normal?
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    Anyone know how to remove the floats on Dolphin Nautilus CC

    I have a dolphin nautilus CC robot cleaner. After I got it back from warranty repair, it kept getting stuck on its side. I believe it is because they had removed the blue float that was on the cable and then put it back on all the way high up on other end of the cable. Ugh. I can't figure out...
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    Advice needed: Compool automation system - upgrade or replace?

    I have a 15 yr old old Compool automation system. A few of the switches don't seem to be working in the service mode -- not a big deal because it doesn't impact day to day functioning. But I'm getting a new pool/spa heater and replacing my non-functioning fiber optic lights with LEDs, so I...
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    Help - pool pump leaking after freeze

    Is this a shaft seal problem? There are no cracks. It's leaking in the space where the housing is attached to the motor.
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    Hallelujah -- algae free pool all summer!

    I stumbled upon this forum about a year ago when I was constantly battling pool algae. I hated owning a pool to the point that I even considered moving to a new house. Thanks to this forum, I learned how to test correctly, and most importantly to stop adding chlorine tabs. This summer, I have...
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    Confused about chlorine levels & CYA

    I recently fired my 4th pool technician. The CYA was off the charts and ALK levels were extremely low. After adding some sodium bicarbonate and draining the pool I'm currently at the below levels: - FCL: 6.87 - TCL: 9.71 - PH: 7.6 - ALY: 84 - CH: 85 - CYA: 124 Most of these are within range...