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    Bad timing - pump

    I guess my pool wanted to send me a goodbye gift. The bearings on the pump went bad 15 days before the closing on the sale of my house. Fortunately, I found another pump and replaced it on Monday. In the last two months, I have also had to replace the MPV on the sand filter and the salt cell...
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    Skimmer Parts

    How do you find the model of skimmer that is installed on a pool? I didn't build my current pool so I don't have any details. For the skimmer, the only clue is CMP (custom molded product) logo on the skimmer cover. I may need to replace the weir door, basket, or cover in the future. Right now I...
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    Aquabot Rapids XLS

    I inherited an Aquabot Rapids XLS with the purchase of my new home. The previous owner said the robot worked fine but the power supply was broken. I have no intention on resurrecting this robot. Should I just toss it in the dump or put it out there for free on craigslist for someone who may want...
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    Determining if sand needs replaced

    Since there was a different thread asking about sand filters, it triggered a question about my pool. I know sand should never need replacing unless someone gunked it up with clarifiers and floc. How can you tell if sand is gunked up? I just moved into a house with a pool that has a sand filter...
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    Calcium and Fiberglass Pools

    I'm just getting used to my fiberglass pool. My previous pool was vinyl. When I entered my test results in PoolMath, it says the ideal levels is 350-550ppm. I tested 280ppm. I was under the impression calcium wasn't important unless you had an older fiberglass pool with calcium in the gel coat...
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    Out with the old and in with the new(er)

    I just took possession of my new home. I bought it back in May but let the owners say two months. My current pool is a 17x37 Grecian vinyl pool with Hayward equipment. The new pool is a 15x40 fiberglass pool with Pentair equipment. More details will come. No, I have not yet tested the water...
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    Got Lucky with my Multiport Valve

    One week ago, I replaced the multiport valve on my sand filter. During the process, I took the time to replace some of the PVC piping to remove a Nature 2 mineral cartridge and relocate the unions so it would be easier to remove the valve for deep cleaning and also easier to replace the valve in...
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    Hayward MPV cracked

    The Hayward MPV on my Hayward S244T is cracked. The current valve has 2" openings. Hayward SP071620T is out of stock everywhere I look. The SP0714t has 1.5" openings. My piping is 2". Can I install this valve on the system? My reason for the question is that I am putting the house on sale mid...
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    Freshest bleach

    What is the freshest liquid chlorine you ever bought? I needed some and stopped at Walmart for Pool Essentials brand of bleach. It was 5/27 and the date on the bottle was 5/10. Only 17 days old.
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    Flow Switch

    My Hayward Aquarite SWG is acting up. I have done a bunch of different tests and I think I narrowed it down to the flow switch. I have a T-15 cell. In past years, the SWG would stay on down to 1000 rpm on my VS pump. This year, it's been a random speed. I would lower the speed to see when it...
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    Dry rotted valve

    It looks like I have to change the multiport valve on my Hayward S244T sand filter. Today I noticed cracks on the neck of the filter. I'm guessing lasting 16 years is pretty good. We'll see how hard of a job it is when the new one arrives. I hope I don't have to do too much PVC work.
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    White film on fiberglass pool

    I am now the owner of a second home with a fiberglass pool. It will become my primary home but I don't take possession until the end of June. We did a quick walkthrough of the home on Sunday before closing today. While there, we noticed a while film on a ledge where you could see footprints in...
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    Ascorbic Acid and Chlorine

    I tried to find in old threads the amount of bleach needed to neutralize an amount of ascorbic acid. For example, how many gallons of 10% bleach are needed to use up 1 pound of ascorbic acid? I tried the ascorbic acid method for getting rid of rust stains. I lowered the FC to zero and pH to 7.2...
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    Burn Holes in the Loop-Loc Safety Cover

    Not my pool. I was talking to my neighbor behind my house (our backyards meet). He was pointing out a series of holes in his cover. He said it was due to the sun reflecting off his new windows on his house. I thought it was kind of weird since it was a series of holes about 6" apart in a...
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    Stuff that stays with the pool

    When selling your home, what stuff is supposed to stay with the pool? We're talking pool stuff that isn't attached to the pool like pumps, heaters and filters. I was talking with my real estate agent during the pool inspection at the new home I'm building. When I said I didn't like their robot...
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    Questions for the Pool Inspector

    I have an accepted written offer on a new house. I have been an owner of a vinyl lined pool for the last 16 years. The new house has a fiberglass inground pool. I'm moving from Hayward to Pentair equipment. I have a pool inspector coming Tuesday to inspect the pool and equipment at the new...
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    Closing my pool this weekend

    The temperature of the water in my pool has finally fallen below 60F. It was 58F last weekend. Therefore, I'll close the pool this weekend. My closing is simple since all I will do is drain all the equipment and put gizmos in the skimmers. The solid cover has already been in place almost 2...
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    Forum changes

    What changes were made during this latest update? I do see some changes with how new content is listed. Just curious if that is the only change.
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    Copper Ionization

    I wasn't sure where to put this post. I've been browsing the housing market for the past year. My wife and I may consider a move if everything is right. Things on the list to convince us to move - first floor master bedroom, 3 car garage, and a good sized backyard that has a pool or a pool can...
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    Are pools with VSP dirtier?

    First, let me start by saying I love my VSP. It runs a lot quieter and saves a lot of electricity. But I have noticed that the bottom of my pool looks dirtier. There is more dirt and debris than when I was running a single speed pump. My theory on this is that most dirt and debris gets a chance...
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    Daytime Chlorine Demand Test

    Is there a test similar to the OCLT except you determine the chlorine demand during the day? I've thought about this. If I can determine the chlorine demand during the day, I could use that information to set my SWCG. Occasionally, I run the OCLT just to see if everything is running right. I...
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    Heat Pump Capacitor

    Ugghh .... capacitor decided to fail right when the coldest night time temperature since last spring. I got the solar cover back on the pool until this gets fixed.
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    Persistently high FC and SWG

    Since June 22, I have been measuring FC in the 10 ppm range. During the same time, I kept lowering the output on the SWG from 35% then to 20% today. I've been trying to get the FC down to around 7 ppm but it seems as I lower the output, the FC just won't decrease. Is it just the shortening of...
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    Main Drain

    I found one good use for the main drain. The weatherman had been calling for rain most of the days this week. My water level was getting low but I held off adding water to the pool. Well, the weatherman was wrong. This morning before heading to work, I could hear air being sucked through the...
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    My daughter has two dogs who are brother and sister. The female loves to swim in my pool. She also likes to chase her brother through the mulch beds and under shrubs. Then she jumps back into the pool, carrying the debris with her. Other than tossing the robot into the pool after my daughter...
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    CC Test

    As you can see in my signature, I use the K-2006 kit. For testing FC and CC, I use the FAS-DPD test. I have a question about the CC test. It says after adding 5 drops of R-0003, if the sample turns pink, add R-0871 until it turns clear again. Every time I run this test, the sample turns the very...
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    Backup SWG Cell

    The code on my Hayward T-15 cell starts with 3E15 which means it was manufactured in 2015. So I'm in the 6 year of use. Right now it is functioning fine. With shortage of many things in the market, would it be prudent to go ahead and buy a replacement cell to have on hand instead of waiting for...
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    SWG in a Bottle

    When I turned on the TV this morning, there was an infomercial on the H2Oe3 cleaning system. Add water and salt to a bottle, plug in to add electricity and you get a sanitizing solution. I sit there watching for a bit and think they're just spraying pool water on their surfaces. I still don't...
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    Land of the Lost

    You know when you store something in a nice safe place so you won't lose it only to not be able to find it later. I did that recently with a set of magnetic stir bars that I ordered. I have searched everywhere and can't find them.
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    Lid on Sewer Clean Out

    The lid on my sewer clean out has not been removed since the house was built 21 years ago. I'm thinking of using it to dump water while back flushing my sand filter. I put a wrench on the lid to try to turn it. It didn't budge. I'm wary of applying too much pressure and cracking the PVC pipe. Is...