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  1. tcat

    Dolphin DX3 vs CC

    The specs say the DX3 is much larger, yet they weigh the same, and take the same filter. Is the brush also wider on the DX3, or are they basically the same? Why so many similar models? 😵‍💫. I don't care so much about walls or long cord, just want reliability and easy clean filter.
  2. tcat

    Smorobot X10 review

    First day with this, so far, like it! Seems to find the entire bottom. The X11 does walls and waterline, I didn't care about that. Took about 2 hours to charge, probably had some from store. So far it's been running 1.5 hours, supposed to make it 2.5 hours. I'll add picture following once I...
  3. tcat

    BWT B200 info

    I've been using an Aquabot Rapids 4wd for past 8 years with no issues. I decided to start looking for a bot with cord swivel (the only thing I don't like about the 4wd). Came across this B200. BWT now owned Aquabot, so I assume it will be as reliable. Just received the B200 (Target online)...
  4. tcat

    Skimmer baskets

    Wonder why no one makes a skimmer basket similar to the fine mesh filters in modern robots. Would eliminate need for skimmer socks! Don't like how a sock (or hairy net) covers up the handle. If you know of any, let me know!
  5. tcat

    Simple "waterfall"

    Made this from and old jet connection, a 90, a T, and 2 end caps. Sawed a slot across the T 1st. Sawed slots in end cap connecting pieces. Nice sound and aeration.
  6. tcat

    Water feature

    I'm curious about plumbing in gunite pools. Pool came with house, has a separate line to a jet for vac (which I moved to main pump since I use an electric robot). If I dug down behind that jet, is there usually enough pipe to splice a water feature into? Or is it normally inside the gunite? I...
  7. tcat

    Salt going up?

    I installed Edge-40 2½ months ago. Salt had been measuring 3500-3600 until today (hadn't checked in a few weeks). Today's Today it's 4000. Something cause salt to rise?
  8. tcat

    Robot recommendation

    I've had an Aquabot Rapids 4wd for 8 years, no issues and still going strong. I'm starting to look at what's available today since this thing is going to die. Nothing looks great to me. Requirements: 1. My pool is 32', but I only need a 30-40' cord (I have half the current 60' one wrapped and...
  9. tcat

    Algae or ?

    Areas in my skimmer and jets have turned brownish gold over the years. Removing one of the jets (attached) you can see the discolouration. It wipes off the ball, but not some other areas. Could this be dead algae?
  10. tcat

    Air maybe?

    I've noticed lately that I'm getting air at top of DE filter (releasing gauge valve lets out air for several seconds). This is with pump running at 2000rpm. It is off at night, but if I release in AM, there's air before end of cycle. I haven't had the issues in the past. Only things I've done...
  11. tcat

    White line on tile

    Only real issue I have since switching to SWG a month ago, is I'm getting a "ring around the pool". Either from salt or calcium. I got my calcium down to 450, but even when higher with LC, I never noticed the line. Nylon brush doesn't do it. Suggestions?
  12. tcat

    Cleaning skimmer

    I noticed 5 or 6 round balls (probably from oak tree) down in the 2nd skimmer hole. How to get them out? Short hose to other hole so they land in pump basket? Tried to take photo, but pump is running.
  13. tcat

    Slam issues

    How important is the <1ppm overnight? I've been slamming for 3 days now, and each night I'm getting a 2ppm drop, with CC right near .5. Pool is clear since day 1. Was getting closer to 4ppm overnight drop, reason for slam. Dropped pH to 7 when I started, CYA was 60. Been shooting for FC 25...
  14. tcat

    Calculating volume

    I just want to confirm best way to calculate volume of kidney shaped pool. I laid it out on graph paper and my surface area is fairly accurate at 392 sq.ft. Question is depth. 3.5' shallow, 8' deep, 12"r bottom corners. I guessed average depth of 5.5' x 392 = 2156 cu.ft. = 16,000g. Sound...
  15. tcat


    I'm following slam process and noticed it says too brush and vacuum daily. I have never vacuumed the pool (15 years), I just brush. I use Aquabot to "vacuum" bottom, but don't really want to use it with FC at 25. Not much algae "dust" on bottom when brushing. I assume it gets filtered out...
  16. tcat

    Ball valves

    I've got two 2" ball valves from pool that are getting almost impossible to turn. Not much space to replace. It's there a lube that will loosen them up? WD-40?
  17. tcat

    SWG or Algae?

    I've been struggling with FC drop. Slammed a few days ago at 20, passed all overnight tests. Had been keeping FC at 9 or 10 for a couple days with Edge-40 at at 3 LEDs. Gradually dropped to 6, so I bumped it to 4 LEDs. Noticed it dropped to 4.5 end of day yesterday, and 1.5 this AM. CYA...
  18. tcat

    16' Poles

    My net pole is really old (dents, clamp sticks if tightened too tight) so thinking of replacing it. Does anyone make a light (carbon fiber?) one that has a clamp that doesn't stick?
  19. tcat

    Replacement net

    Seems there's dozens of pool rakes, but very few replacement nets. The one or two I found initially were almost as expensive as the whole rake. But saw this at Amazon and thought "probably won't fit" and "must be too coarse, or cheap". This fits both my 18" Purity Ultra Silt, and my 17"...
  20. tcat

    Oak pollen

    Crystal clear pool with FC 6 (for past month), just turned green. I'll assume it's because of very windy day and maybe 10 bushels of Oak catkins in the pool (I remove at least a bushel a day). How often should I backwash? Will the green get filtered out? Should I crank up SWG to keep FC...
  21. tcat

    SWG & bubbles

    Do bubbles come out of jets while SWG is on? I have one jet with bubbles (closest to equipment), others have none. No bubbles in pump basket. Is this chlorine gas? At first I thought I had a leak somewhere, but then I remembered something about gas bubbles in the cell.
  22. tcat

    Electric skimmer

    Does anyone make a skimmer (like solar breeze) that runs on a cord (like bottom robots)? I have too much shade for solar. Had a solar breeze for 2 or 3 years, only ran about 3 hours, then died at year 3. I have a poolskim at one end, but a robot running around picking up oak leaves and oak...
  23. tcat

    SWG %, or run time?

    Is it better to run longer at lower percent setting, or shorter with higher? When I run at 25% for 8 hours, my FC increases 1ppm. If I drop it to 12.5%, I lose 1ppm. I'm thinking 7 hours at 25% might be best, then bump it back to 8 hours as it gets hotter (already 80's).
  24. tcat

    Aquabot 4wd

    Just a huge thanks to the creators of this device. Bought in 2013 and has had no malfunctions! This is 1 of 3 runs today (plus a bushel of scooped from surface). I sure hate oak leaves! Sure wish they made a corded skimmer with a huge basket!
  25. tcat


    Anyone make an automatic solar skimmer that holds a bushel of leaves 🤣🤣? I took my cover off a couple weeks too early. Oak trees seem to be losing more leaves than usual. I probably skim a bushel a day, and the Aquabot on the bottom grabs another 4 baskets full. I guess I need a bigger rake...
  26. tcat

    Pool lights

    I seldom use my pool lights, but just tried them (there's one at each end), and no go. They were fine maybe 6 months ago. What's the best way to diagnose? I added SWG to my timer panel, but pretty sure I didn't disconnect anything there. No breakers are blown. Pump, SWG and heat pump all fine...
  27. tcat

    Reducing TA

    I've read the how to. Just wondering how long it takes. My TA had been 250 for almost a week (from opening pool). My fill water is 220. I've got one jet bubbling and ph 7.5 (I do plan to bring it down to 7). Is 250 "bad"? Just starting SWG, probably need 1 more bag of salt to get to 3500...
  28. tcat

    104 & 106 timers

    I hooked up a Stenner to the timer on the right (t106 I believe) a few years ago. Connected VS pump directly to 240v a couple years ago. I have a spare timer (left), not getting juice when turned on. I probably removed some wires when I added VS. Anyone know where to connect 240 and Salt...
  29. tcat

    Pentair VS sounds slow

    I just checked my pump since my heat pump stopped due to low flow (speed 1650). I cranked it up to 2700 and heat pump started, but motor sounds bogged down (no odd noises). Pressure on filter down near 15. Shouldn't the gauge be high if I need backwashing? (Probably needed). May backwash a...
  30. tcat

    DE valve leak

    The gauge/release valve on top of DE filter doesn't fully shut off. Is there a gasket I can replace, or do I need a new valve?