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    Hayward H150 heater not firing

    This may be an easy question for someone that's had the issue before. I have an older Hayward H150 millivolt natural gas heater that will not fire up. The pilot is lit and looks like a good flame. I'm getting about 390 mv throughout the safeties and back to the gas valve. Is 390 sufficient to...
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    pool liner question

    Hello all, I have a brand new liner that was given to me by a friend that took their pool down. My pool is 21 feet round and I just learned that the liner is actually for a 24 foot round. I have never changed or dealt with liners (yet) so I am just wondering if anyone knows for a fact that I...
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    Sand filter ID/size help

    I'm trying to figure out what brand/model filter I have so I know how much media to put in because it needs to be changed. I got it used and there's no label. Does this take 2 bags or 3 and what type should I go with silica or zeo or what. Can it use any kind?
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    Hayward H150 limiter switches

    Hello everyone, I recently bought an older Hayward H150 millivolt heater in really good condition the only thing is that the previous owner has I think one of the limiter switches jumped out. This switch is way at the bottom by itself. The manual only shows 2 limiter switches (1 manual, 1...
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    Help with propane to natural gas heater swap

    Hi everyone great site lots of info! So here it goes.... I have an old lasts lite heater with electronic ignition and natural gas house has natural gas. The heat exchanger and most things are rotted out. I got a old but ten years newer in way better condition laars lite 2 for real cheap it's...
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    heater help!

    ok first of all great site lots of info! also yes i did a lot of research but i need help with my heater it's a teledyne laars lite 1 series i believe. natural gas. it looks pretty old but everything inside wires and such looks decent. i started out having a problem where the heater would fire...