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  1. MAPR-Austin

    Help! Cracks in the NEW plaster NEW Pool

    Do you remember if they wet the pool shell prior to applying the plaster? If they put it on dry during the heat of the day with no shade tarp in Florida...I could see the plaster drying too fast and cracking. Also mixing in barrels like that you it's easy to get too much water in the mix...
  2. MAPR-Austin

    Adding touch of glass to stonescapes micropebble

    I'm speculating, but I think the size of the touch of glass might be too big to be properly exposed if you went with micro instead of mini. I am sure it could be added, but might not give the proper effect - worth requesting a sample from the installer to look at ahead of time if you go that...
  3. MAPR-Austin

    Concrete lids alternative/replacement?…Any recommendations?

    Yeah they should be adjusting the brackets themselves, not shimming between the stones and brackets. The brackets I have seen in the past have adjustment screws on them, if those have them it looks like they have already been adjusted to maximum. It doesn't look impossible but it would...
  4. MAPR-Austin

    Plaster over painted stainless steel walls

    I would have a gunite crew shoot new walls inside the existing pool. Should be easy enough to extend plumbing and dowel sufficient rebar into the pool floor to make everything structurally sound. You will need new coping and tile. I would guess minimum $40k, possibly more.
  5. MAPR-Austin

    Pool resurfacing- white plaster vs Signature Matrix Wet Edge

    I haven't felt anything that is as smooth as traditional plaster. Application takes a bit more skill because you don't remove any imperfections with an exposure - but done right it feels like porcelain under water. Actually, the polished surfaces do feel very very close to the smoothness of...
  6. MAPR-Austin

    Crack in newish mini-pebble

    I'm going to go against the trend here...that looks like a 1"x1" highlight tile, is that correct? If so, you're probably looking at 3/8"-1/2" thickness delaminating from the vertical surface of the step. That's the thickness of the plaster finish. Can you take something metallic - maybe...
  7. MAPR-Austin

    Design advice - Concealed skimmer lids

    I bet the price is why they are rare...they do look really good compared to traditional skimmers. I haven't seen those before.
  8. MAPR-Austin

    Design advice - Concealed skimmer lids

    Yeah I think it's doable, what size stones are going around the pool?
  9. MAPR-Austin

    DFW plaster and fill! Start up question

    If the idea of having the light up a few inches higher than the others doesn't bother you, I doubt there would be any effect on the way the lighting looks once it's full of water.
  10. MAPR-Austin

    Horrible cantilever concrete job - any experience with removal?

    I dont think it would get it to 100%, but a day or two with a cup grinder could make it passable.
  11. MAPR-Austin

    Replacing Pool Decking-DFW, Texas

    It looks like the deck is stained/painted, if so then there isn't much that can be done without taking it all the way down to concrete. The cheapest alternative to full removal would be to pressure wash the deck (3500 PSI or better, the little electric washers won't be enough) with the goal...
  12. MAPR-Austin

    Phoenix Area Pool Builder that can get it done in 6 months?

    Try Thunderbird Pools. Met the owners a while back and they seemed to have a squared away operation.
  13. MAPR-Austin

    Suction/Water Pressure/Leakage Issues

    A+B or Blue/White underwater epoxy can do wonders for a temporary underwater patch. Easy to use and readily available.
  14. MAPR-Austin

    Dispute about faulty tile - advice needed

    I'm guessing it is more likely that the inspector will call out the installation as at faulty, so F&D will be absolved of fault. This will put it squarely on the shoulders of your PB, and they will probably push back on that. I would act accordingly - document everything, hold payment if...
  15. MAPR-Austin

    Polishing Pebblecrete?

    Might be worth a call to a local concrete contractor that works with polished/terrazzo finish concrete. I know there are some specialty tools like water powered grinders that I have used for Hydrazzo finishes - they may be able to point you in the right direction or even give you a price to...
  16. MAPR-Austin

    "Birdbaths" in decking - is this normal?

    I see a lot of puddles like this on renovation projects. Adding more material to the low spot will usually just shift the puddle to the next lowest spot. A couple options I have used with some success: 1) Find the deepest point of the puddle. Drill a very small hole all the way through the...
  17. MAPR-Austin

    Help me formulate the perfect recipe for this plaster. Pic in post.

    I have done mixes like this, but only with pre-bagged material. Doing it with liquid dyes, you would need to PRECISELY measure out the dyes and proportion them accordingly. Did the PB tell you what material they used? Generally speaking when mixing colors, 1+1 does not always equal 2. I...
  18. MAPR-Austin

    Dispute about faulty tile - advice needed

    I'm not from California, so I cannot speak to the specific protections or options available to you. Generally, you could look to the ANSI or TCNA standards for the tile work. The spillway 1x1 tile almost certainly is not on you, but is on the installer. It should be redone. The waterline...
  19. MAPR-Austin

    FinestFinish Mini vs Stonescapes Minipebble

    You could probably ask for and fairly easily get a discount since it’s the wrong material. Full rip out/replace is going to get substantial pushback. Honestly I don’t know that there is a whole lot of difference in cost or quality, my guess would be it was a supply issue. They look pretty...
  20. MAPR-Austin

    Antique pool - what to do about ugly plaster?

    Sounds like a great pool, especially in MN. Barring success with the Jacks Magic Stain ID kit, the pool could always be replastered/resurfaced. Being inside can be used to your advantage, hungry plaster crews can be had pretty cheap during the winter.
  21. MAPR-Austin

    Horrible cantilever concrete job - any experience with removal?

    Ah, I was thinking of a concrete pool - we would put in 6" rebar dowels running vertically into the pool shell, then run rebar around the perimiter of the pool. On a fiberglass pool, the way they did it looks to make sense, and it would not be tied structurally to the pool shell - so it...
  22. MAPR-Austin

    Horrible cantilever concrete job - any experience with removal?

    Do you have any pictures of before the pour? If the coping is pinned to the top of the bond beam it can be a real bear to remove. If not you can just cut it up with a chop saw and break it out. If it is poured in the same pour as the deck, you can cut back about 12"-14" from the coping edge...
  23. MAPR-Austin

    Old Pool, Needs Extensive Work

    Considering the old copper pipe I would definitely anticipate replumbing the pool. Even if it hold pressure it is going to fail eventually. If you're doing that, you will be able to relocate all of the equipment to wherever you want. The pool looks pretty good structurally. @mknauss is...
  24. MAPR-Austin

    Planning New Pool

    I have also seen auto-fills installed in the basin. I believe the level was set with the edge pump running, since that is when the water in the basin is lowest. In my recollection it worked well. I guess the only downside is you would need to run your edge pump regularly enough that it kept...
  25. MAPR-Austin

    Pool tile vs regular ceramic

    Right, you will want one that is specifically rated for immersion. I use Laticrete Platinum 254 or Laticrete 255 Multimax. The 255 is apparently the new hotness.
  26. MAPR-Austin

    Rooftop Infinity Edge Build

    Just seeing this thread...WOW. I hope you'll be able to share progress and finished pics! For the pool itself: I spent a day with Diamond Pool and Spa out of Colorado. They build and install custom stainless pools. Definitely worth a look as this is their kind of project...
  27. MAPR-Austin

    Pool tile vs regular ceramic

    If you are in an area where the temperature drops below freezing in the winter, make sure that the tile is 'frost-proof'. Make sure that the thinset and grout you use are suitable for immersion (even though the area won't be 'underwater'). Aside from that, I think you will be fine using any...
  28. MAPR-Austin

    Eco finish for fiberglass warranty repair?

    I'd be frustrated too. You just paid a healthy sum for this pool, its damaged from the start, and they are offering you a pittance or else a fix that gives you a finished product that is not what you wanted. If you let them do the ecofinish, make sure you get a warranty in writing from them...
  29. MAPR-Austin

    Eco finish for fiberglass warranty repair?

    It couldn't hurt to ask for some references of pools where they did the same thing, specifically some pools that have a few years on them. Maybe you could get a warranty from them, even if just on the area redone, that would cover materials and installation for a considerable amount of time...
  30. MAPR-Austin

    Pool Replaster....Post Freeze Damage!

    Just FYI, the 30 day cure should take place with the spa full of water and you can use it during the cure period. The material will need the water to help hydrate and cure properly.