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  1. BigPapaSmurf

    New Patio Furniture Delivered

    This furniture was ordered in February and was supposed to be delivered late May or early June. They informed me in March that delivery would be early to mid August. I got a call last Wednesday that they could deliver Friday. :party: This is Castelle Madrid in Antique Mahogany with Neptune...
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  5. BigPapaSmurf

    Travertine type

    Totally agree with Toxophilite, we also have honed and I only slip when I wear my very worn Crocs and it is wet, otherwise we love it.
  6. BigPapaSmurf

    New Build - Complete

    I would love an 8 week turn around, mine is taking 6 months.
  7. BigPapaSmurf

    New Build - Complete

    More like, Now time to wait for the furniture you love to be delivered.
  8. BigPapaSmurf

    New Build - Complete

    Gorgeous pool, congratulations.
  9. BigPapaSmurf

    Anyone familiar with twirlybyrd / parajets body install?

    Do you have everything you need? My spa has 16 parajets and we went through alot to get them working correctly. I assume you have the parajet housing that the faceplate attaches too; Do you also have gunite Venturi tee’s for each housing? Mine are 1 1/4” on one end and 1 5/8” on the opposite...
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  14. BigPapaSmurf

    The dog loves the pool

    We have all seen the cats on roombas, but have you ever seen a dog on a pool cleaner? well, you have now;
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  17. BigPapaSmurf

    The dog loves the pool

    We have tried a couple of different floating ramps, etc. but she doesn’t like the unsteady feel of them and refuses to use them. We might get a wrought iron gate company to make a “temporary” fence so she can’t get up there.
  18. BigPapaSmurf

    Blank canvas in Laughlin, NV.

    Congratulations, that long journey is over, now time to enjoy that beautiful pool.
  19. BigPapaSmurf

    The dog loves the pool

    Gemma is back at it; So you noticed she is wearing a life jacket now, well she has jumped in the catch basin, several times. Now she just barks when she “drops” her ball in; And finally, well, just because;
  20. BigPapaSmurf

    Blank canvas in Laughlin, NV.

    Have you tried the reset on your main panel? Sometimes this helps me when my schedules go rogue and the pool starts pooling without adult supervision.
  21. BigPapaSmurf

    Blank canvas in Laughlin, NV.

    :epds:Waiting, waiting, waiting………
  22. BigPapaSmurf

    Concrete deck refinish, forced early open.

    What she said…..
  23. BigPapaSmurf

    Rolled Edge Spa

    They will build it out with mortar. Here is what mine looked like; 1. Gunite 2. Coping 3. Rolled edge tile
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  27. BigPapaSmurf

    New Pool Build in Fulshear - Houston TX Area

    Gorgeous pool, congratulations. Enjoy this beautiful weather we are having.
  28. BigPapaSmurf

    The dog loves the pool

    More water walking for Gemma Gemma says, “What’s this in my pool?”
  29. BigPapaSmurf

    What are these lines?

    I smell a successful outcome in your favor.