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    Possible sand in pool

    Thanks for the advice! I didn't see any YouTube videos where people repaired the ones with the pipes on the side, only the ones with pipes on the top. Would you recommend a home owner try to do this or would you recommend replacing the filter?
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    Possible sand in pool

    I think you may be right about pollen. It really looked like sand but when it dried it was soft. I vacuumed again 3 days later and next to nothing in the baskets. I'll hold off on any filter maintenance.
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    Possible sand in pool

    Does anyone have experience changing the lateral assembly on a Hayward S310S? I’ve watched some Youtube videos on changing laterals but they are all ones with a long pipe from the top. The S310S has the pipe come in from the side so it seems a lot more complicated than remove the top and remove...
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    Possible sand in pool

    I ran my robot vacuum and it looked like it was full of sand: Is this sand? What should I check next? I have an S310S Hayward filter. It takes about 500 pounds of sand so I'm kind of dreading changing the sand and lateral. 30k gal, IG vinyl, Jandy 1.65HP VS pump, sand filter, Hayward SWG...
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    Valve replacement

    My pool has 4 valves: cleaner, front skimmer, back skimmer, and main drain. When I use my suction vacuum and close the other three valves the main drain valve seems to let in air. I'm not 100% sure but I think it is that one because it seems to vibrate a little and seems a bit louder than the...
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