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    Water Leaking at Return Jet

    Not being tight is what I thought at first too but that isn't the case. I still have water leaking from the return. I'll try to get pictures
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    Water Leaking at Return Jet

    So I noticed this year when opening the pool I was losing water around my return jet. I also notices that the rubber gaskets were worn so easy fix I'll just replace them. When I pulled the fittings out to replace them I noticed that around the return jet the liner is torn and in a spot missing...
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    Hayward Heat Exchanger Replacement

    I have Hayward Heat Pump HP50A. The heat exchanger cracked. I have the replacement part and feel if I could solder that I can install this myself. Is this a DIY project or is it time to call in the professionals?
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    Replacement part for Pool Heater

    My titatium tube heat exchanger had cracked in two places. The part is hpx32012-120014. Where do you all shop for these types of parts and is this a DIY project.
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    New liner installed

    With the help of my honey we were able to install the new jhook pool liner. I think it looks pretty good. Starting to fill it up. Have the shop vac running behind the liner, wondering when you take it out?
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    Unibead Liner install DIY?

    I just purchased a new unibead Liner for my above ground pool. 24' 48" I'm having trouble finding a local pool company to install it, from them being to busy, not doing above ground pools anymore, to not returning calls. So, if I had help is installing a new jhook unibead a diy projects?
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    Is this Algae or DE?

    According to my boss(wife) the pool looks amazing this morning. I tore apart the filter again, but this time took off the bump handle to get to the fingers. What I discovered was that I was missing four screws which was allowing DE right back into the pool.
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    Is this Algae or DE?

    I didn't think it was slimy. I felt that it was sandy or coarse.
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    Is this Algae or DE?

    See at first I thought it was dead algae as well. When I vacuumed it just came right back after a couple hours.
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    Is this Algae or DE?

    Haven't tried that yet - - - Updated - - - I do not have one of the kits that ya'll recommend on this site. My last readings that I got were Chlorine 2 ph 7.8 TA ? CYA 0
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    Is this Algae or DE?

    We keep getting this white stuff on the bottom of our pool. At first I thought it was the shock settling at the bottom, my wife swore it was DE. Instead of putting granualar shock in, I used liquid chlorine this time. I cleaned the filter again and added more DE. This morning this is what I wake...
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    White Powder on pool bottom, don't think it's algae

    depends on what my TC reads on the amount of shock I put in. When I do I DO NOT mix it I just dump around outside of pool.
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    White Powder on pool bottom, don't think it's algae

    It's more granular. I just did a complete cleaning of the de filter. Tore it down and cleaned it with the garden hose. The pool is clear with not green at all. It's actually never been this clear before. If I kick up the substance it makes the water cloudy until it settles again. - - -...
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    White Powder on pool bottom, don't think it's algae

    So for the past week I've been fighting a losing battle with a white powder substance on the bottom of my pool. Pretty sure it's not algae. In my googling, I believe I'm experiencing my shock settling at the bottom of the pool. I've been using Zappit 73% Cal Hypo Pool Shock. I vacuumed the...
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    Making progress

    Will adding Cya help with the cloudiness?
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    Making progress

    Day 1 To this Fc 2 Ta 40 Ph 7.2 Cya 0 Still can't see the bottom but getting there. Backwash ING, vacuuming, praying
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    Is my Psi high?

    My pool filter is running normally at 17psi. The water coming from return jet is strong. When it hits 20/21 psi return jet is mild. Still pushing water around though. My question is if my pressure is starting to high?
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    Need new filter body, until then what about.....

    I read an older post and somone had decent success using a tube sock over the return jet. I may go that route until filter body gets here.
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    Need new filter body, until then what about.....

    So Just hooking for pump up should be okay to do. The filter body isn't going to arrive until end of this week or next. Doing it with just the pump hooked up wouldn't burn up the motor would it? I mean there isn't any harm I can do right?
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    Need new filter body, until then what about.....

    If you saw an earlier post from me you would have seen that my filter body sustained a huge crack in it and it needs to be replaced. That's gonna be about two weeks before it gets here. To get a head start I thought I could do the following: Hook up the pump and attach a 5-micron Duda bag to...
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    Headed to the swamp

    Well found a huge crack in my filter so I had to order a new one.
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    Headed to the swamp

    Well I thought I saw somewhere on here if the pool was really green bypass the filter. Since I don't have a multiport filter I thought I could do it this was. Kill off some algae then hook the regular pool pump back up, and start filtering the dead algae out. Edit: found the post, it's old I...