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    Crystal like substance

    Thanks for the input and advice. Will work with the chemistry and pool service. Will likely drain and restart after summer
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    Crystal like substance

    Unfortunately no. We are the 2nd owners
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    Crystal like substance

    Ok, no fizzle when testing with the muratic acid. Does that mean it's the pool surface eroding?
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    Crystal like substance

    Any particular type of acid to use? Our pool was down from Feb until June. Chlorine has been pretty high for a while (like 21ppm) but we were chlorinating and shocking it for months to keep the pool half way healthy. ph is normal at 7.9, CYA 122, TA 105 from a week ago.
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    Crystal like substance

    Hoping someone can help identify or provide guidance on an odd crystal or sand type substance. For the last several weeks/months we have had this odd substance mostly in our spa but can be found in the pool vacuum debris bag. We do have a spillway so it possible it's getting into the pool that...
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    Breaker tripping

    The black lines labeled blower go to the blower/switch at its source. There are two short wires coming from the water feature Aux/ relay to provide CP power to the relay possibly?
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    Breaker tripping

    Thanks for the explanation and will get the electrician to correct the first part for sure. I am not sure however that I understand what would cause the relays for the spa air blower and the lights to not be able to operate via the CP. Spa air blower- has power at the main switch but the CP aux...
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    Breaker tripping

    I have a few things that are still not functioning properly. Direction or insight would be appreciated. Attached pictures of current wiring at the panel. The pool lights. Have traditional 120V pool and spa lights with color changing LED (pic attached). They are not the intellibrite, etc. We...
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    Breaker tripping

    Thanks for feedback and input. Had a real electrician come and spend the day re-wiring the whole system. New direct power from main breaker panel to the Easytouch with dedicated breakers for each piece of equipment. Updated junction boxes, GFI, ran new conduit and wiring to equipment... an...
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    Breaker tripping

    Currently the breakers are still utilizing the house panel. I would think that with the new panel it should get wired to use that instead of the house. Since I cant power the main Easytouch without tripping the breakers I am not sure how to perform your test recommendations. When it tripped...
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    Hello from Dallas TX

    New to pool forums but find that I need advice form time to time. I've grown up having pools off and on for 30+ years mostly as a swimmer and weekly cleaning duties. For the last 5 years I have had the best of times and the worst of times with my in-ground pool/Spa. I typically like to leave...
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    Breaker tripping

    Been having problems with the breaker tripping randomly over the last year or so. Replaced the capacitor a year ago on the booster. The breaker continues trip randomly but not consistent enough to pinpoint. Replaced the breaker for the one that seemed to trip the most. Had an electrician come...
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