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    Buying refills for test kit

    I have the Taylor 2006 test kit already. Is it okay to buy the TFT refill set and use with the comparator tubes if the Taylor test kit? The chemicals seem to be identical. Or should I just buy the TFT full set with comparators? TIA!
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    My green to blue pool story

    I just wanted to share what everyone on the forum already knows - SLAM method works. We purchased a house that came with a pool. A pool was never on our wishlist, however the house was perfect in every other way and we thought we could manage. We got a professional pool guy to open our pool...
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    Another green pool

    Hey! I am on day 3 of SLAM. It seems to be progressing well. I started with a pH of 7.2. However, testing shows pH has gone up to 8.4 now. Should I reduce the pH or leave it alone? My pool is 60000L vinyl. CYA level is 50. I am maintaining 20 FC using Cal-Hypo.