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    Switch from HeatPump to Natural Gas Heater

    Has anyone ever switched from a heat pump to a natural gas heater and been disappointed with the switch? My pool builder is replacing my Hayward Heat Pump after they messed up the winterization, and I'm thinking of switching to the H250 Natural Gas heater. I'm in Southeastern Ohio area, and...
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    PH monitor/dispenser with Hayward VS Omni

    I have a Hayward VS Omni automation system with Salt and was wondering if there is a pH monitor/chemical dispenser compatible with it. It looks like the Sense and Dispense systems may only work with the more involved Omni systems.
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    Heat Pump scheduling

    I'm in Ohio, and this is my first year with my new pool. Right now temps are getting into the low 40's overnight, but are hitting the mid 70's some days, including this weekend. I haven't been turning my heatpump on when I'm not planning on swimming, but this weekend looks good. I was going...
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    Cleaning salt cell - drainage

    My Salt cell is oriented horizontally pretty much on the ground. When I removed it (with the pump off and ball valves in front of the pump off) it was draining for 20-30 minutes. I was starting to get worried so I put the salt cell back on. Is this normal? Is there something i can buy to cap...
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    Temperature bouncing VS Omni

    So I have my HeatPump hooked up to my VS Omni system, and it's kicking on/off constantly, and the water temp reading are bouncing up and down. I have the HP set to 84, but I've pretty much never seen the temp just sit at 84 (which I think is what should be happening), has anyone else seen...
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    Spot Cleaning

    I have a 40x18 Vinyl liner pool, this is my first year with it since installing last fall. I've found that my Dolphin Active30i does a pretty good job, but leaves a bunch of sand on the corners
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    Heatpump issues with VS Omni

    So my heatpump is working, but it is completely unsynchronized with my VS Omni automation system. Omni and the heater reflect different water temperatures, if i change the temperature on either the heatpump or the omni, the other one doesn't change. Turning the heatpump on or off from Omni...
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    ColorLogic lights with Omni

    Had our pool put in last fall, and I ended up having them switch out the single speed pump with a VS Omni system this spring. It's still a bit of an ongoing process, but anyways, they just got the lights hooked up yesterday and I'm trying to figure out if what they are doing is normal behavior...
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    When to turn on heater?

    Just had my pool installed over the fall and it will be opened today. I'm in Ohio, and was wondering when the best time would be to turn on my heater. I have a Hayward HeatPro Heat PumpHP21254T. I don't want to get killed with electric bills, and we are about ready to go through a bit of a...
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    Which Hayward VS Pump

    I'm currently having a pool installed it's around 20-22k gallons. I think the head length is someone short (I'm new to this, so I"m not sure), pumping station is about 20 feet from the pool. They installed a 1HP Single speed SuperPump, and the thing is way too loud for my liking, it's right...