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    Repair to bluestone coping paver

    Hi Could anyone suggest the appropriate grout / cement bonding material to re-affix bluestone coping paver to fibreglass pool shell (salt chlorinated pool) Cheers
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    Insane pools tv show

    Hi all I’m in oz, and trying to figure out how i can watch episodes of insane pools - looks to be on the animal planet network- off which these episodes are not available to watch in Australia any ideas....
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    how do i tighten leaking fitting

    cheers, all good, loosened, lubricated oring, tightened - no leak now
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    how do i tighten leaking fitting

    cheers mate, If i undo my collar to lubricate my oring, am I going to loose a lot of water / get a lot of air in my system..... (or no different to opening filter basket lid to clean out basket...)
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    how do i tighten leaking fitting

    Hi there what should i do to eliminate this recent leak in my pool plumbing pipework.... with this being horizontal - do i tighted to the right/downward? or upward left?? or should i being doing something else... Cheers
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    How do I clean my pool from red dust

    Hi The Floc has worked great, dispensed and ciculated for 2 hrs, then turned off pumps, and over 24hrs the dust has all settled on the bottom, turned my filter to waste and vacumning up preetty well, 95% jobe done
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    How do I clean my pool from red dust

    Appears thru my research the best option is to add floc, allow to settle, vacumn on backwash, and top up pool afterwards.
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    How do I clean my pool from red dust

    Absolutely mate My pool has been crystal clear for months, The whole state of victoria got red dust rain - millions of tonnes of dust from central australia dumped down onto everyones homes, pools, cars
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    How do I clean my pool from red dust

    Hi There We have had our entire state blanketed in red rain - dust storm particles in the rain. My pool filters have been running every day since that happened 5 days ago and the water is still murky. How do I clear it up.... Am i best to leave the pumps / filters turned off for a few days to...
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    max1+ robotic cleaner (fault)

    Hi My Max 1+ cleaner (made by fluidra) sold by Astral australia is 4 years old now. It has stopped working, the control box lights for small or large pool are both flashing, there is no movement of the robot and no pump operation. The motor housing has some rust. I've checked the motor and...
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    Will my spa pop,if I empty it

    Cheers mate dont believe we have a ground water issue much thanks
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    Will my spa pop,if I empty it

    Hi ive heard stories of spas ‘popping’ / lifting if they’re emptied of water. my spa is half recessed into the ground, the other half above ground, it has blue stone pavers on around the top edges. the spa has to be emptied to enable repair of blisters that have appeared in the fibreglass...
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    Heater not working

    I’ve got a HiNRG 175 heater Its giving a F2 fault. I’ve turned off the power & rebooted, my water temp is only 20 degrees, have water flow, so not sure what else to try.... I’m told “F2 fault usually leads to High Limit switches. Often they will fail intermittently, with power on/off clearing...
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    My fibreglass is bubbling

    Thats a better terminology - like a blister - pool guys have mentioned yes likely a flaw during manufacture, the bubbles would be grounded out and re gel coated etc
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    My fibreglass is bubbling

    Has anyone ever experienced convex bumps / bubbles in their fibreglass spa shell. this has happened to us, have 20-30 small (m&m) size bubble bumps scattered in different areas of our spa fibreglass shell. have had the spa for over 2 years before this occurred, and seemed to happen after having...
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    max 1 pool robot

    Hi All, I have had a max 1 pool robot vacumn for a few years. - no problems. Today - I'm getting flashing lights and robot not working. Manual suggests see if fans are blocked - which they are not - I tried turning the propellers which do not freely spin (whilst off) maybe they're not supposed...
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    welded filter lid

    Hi Anyone have any tips for unscrewing a normally easy filter basket lid. Its welded on tight cannot get it too budge.....
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    Fibreglass spa has raised bumps on floor

    my water test results have always been within the range or close to. The only thing out of the range was PH was a bit low on recent test, which i would assume would not be a cause of this effect.....?
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    Fibreglass spa has raised bumps on floor

    See attached photos
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    Fibreglass spa has raised bumps on floor

    regarding our fibreglass spa - small bumps / bubbles (reverse of craters) have raised / formed in the fibreglass shell base floor of our spa which has us concerned, haven’t previously had this. Maybe 8 little bumps the size of a Fingernail Spa is only 2 yrs old Anyone experienced similar
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    why is my heater faulty

    Hi I have an astral / HINRG pool gas heater. My remote viron sysyem has a 1 touch favourite button to heat the spa. The heater is physically turning on for a number of minutes. But My touchscreen pad is showing the heater as in the off position. The water coming out of the outlet is not warm...
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    Astral Equilibrium - putting in AI mode.....?

    Gday Jim, Yep have all the options Cheers mate
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    Astral Equilibrium - putting in AI mode.....?

    Apologies (as a layman with this equipment) I have been racking my brain over the astral website for the last few hrs and at my equipment. As my recent water tests have Zero chlorine, I am trying to activate my mixing cell without success, whilst I have the viron set on daily timers - running...
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    algea in my air filter pump?

    How long would u suggest i bleach them for, sitting in bleach water now. Just a few hrs, a day. I guess I then just hose them off.... Cheers