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  1. KingpenM3

    How many turnovers per day are you running?

    I've gone through a few of the older threads debating turnovers on the site, but I haven't seen many people post what they ended up choosing, or what is working for them/their setup. (And I'm trying to make sure I'm not an outlier, or optimizing for the wrong parameters) I've been running 8...
  2. KingpenM3

    How to program both heat and cool (heat pump) through Pentair ScreenLogic?

    I might not be seeing an obvious option, but I'm not sure how to program my heat pump to switch over to cooling for the pool during the day, and then back to heat for the spa in the evening. Thanks for any input.
  3. KingpenM3

    Ultratemp 120 Performance

    I would like some input on the performance of my heat pump. I'm trying to figure out if it is underperforming or just not meeting expectations. We have simply been frustrated with cooler weather performance. First time pool owners, we didn't know what we didn't know, and would have had to...
  4. KingpenM3

    Advice for a generator that would just run the pool panel pump?

    After our recent loss of power, I'm thinking that it would make sense to keep a small generator around just to plug into the (disconnected) pool panel. It doesn't look like the Pentair variable speed pump and panel would really need that large of a generator, but I can't really seem to find a...
  5. KingpenM3

    Pool, Spa, or Spillover for freeze protection?

    Just checked my ScreenLogic and I noticed that both Pool and Spa are marked for "on for freeze protection". Any chance it will rotate between both of them? If not should I run just the pool circuit, just the spa, or try to have it spillover? Thanks.
  6. KingpenM3

    Heat pump for spa in colder temperatures

    I'd like to get some advice for using my heat pump (ultratemp120) with my 600 gallon spa as it gets colder (first season for me). My first experience did not go well... I turned the heat pump on around 3:00 in the afternoon as the temps started going down to the forties. Heat pump finally...
  7. KingpenM3

    Cleaning up after Laura

    My pool is an absolute mess now that it has just sat with debris for weeks now. Is it possible to save this water? Or should i try the tarp method to replace? I guess these are my only options since you can't drain a fiber glass pool. Thanks.
  8. KingpenM3

    Does CYA capture FC when first added?

    I hope that makes sense. But as I understand it, CYA is not chlorinated when you add it to the pool, so it would make sense to me that until the CYA is saturated with 3 Cl's each, then the CYA would be eating away at the FC in the pool. My FC has been way under what I have expected since I...
  9. KingpenM3

    EZ Touch Timeout/Shock technique?

    Couple of questions here, How does the Timeout feature work? I though it was basically a Service Mode that just lasted 3 hours? Can you set out long it will stay in Timeout? I put my board into Timeout last night at 10:00, and it was still in timeout today at noon. What is a good way to work...
  10. KingpenM3

    More pump run time or more flow to get turnover?

    I'm realizing that my pump is incredibly more efficient at lower rates of flow. So from an electricity stand point it seems that it would make much more sense to run it at say 30 gpm for 10 hours instead of 40 gpm for 7 hours to get the same turnover. But I was wondering if there is a sweet spot...
  11. KingpenM3

    High Alk, Low ph

    New fiberglass 16000 gallon pool with 600 gallon spa, Pentair equipment and IC40 SCG. Since getting it shocked and cleaned up I've been trying to get everything balanced, but my alkalinity has been so high it has been out of range on the test strips I've been using. After about 1.5 gallons of...