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    Loose Filter Pump Coupling Every 5-6 months - Air bubbles returns

    Every 5-6 months like clockwork, seems I have to tighten the coupling for inlet to my main filter pump (Pentair Intelliflow VSP). I only know because there are bubbles coming out of the returns. The first time it happened we had cold weather (for So Cal) so temps in the high 30's -- I figured...
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    Pool Math App Suggestion - Add day of week to log header

    I'm a bronze supporter and use your app and forums regularly. Would be awesome if you could add the DAY of week (e.g., Mon, Tues, Wed, etc.) next to the date in the pool math app LOG. I do things by day of week and would just make it that much easier to identify which day I added something (in...
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    High CYA in drought area … alternatives to draining?

    Draining is THE way to lower CYA. I totally get that. BUT… we have some serious drought conditions out west and many regions now have water use restrictions imposed. In short, draining and refilling a pool isn’t a cool thing to do right now (in my opinion). Are there any alternatives...
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    Complaints of chlorine stinging eyes

    I’m getting control of my pool water with the TFP method. Slowly but surely my numbers are getting in line. Anyway, my CYA isn’t outrageous but it’s higher than it should be. I’ve been following Pool Math App for keeping FC in the right range. Ultimately that’s meant my FC is higher now than...
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    How to replace water in my pool

    What’s the water replacement method that doesn’t require actual lowering the water level? I have high CYA so I’m curious.
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    Got my TF-100 Kit - How are these results?

    Very excited! I got my TF-100 kit and ran all the test today -- what an improvement over the junk my pool start-up guy left me! I'm curious to know what y'all think of my results and if any action to be taken. I'm in So Cal climate, so pretty moderate. FC 3.0 PH 7.8 TA 120 CH 450 CYA 90 I...
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    Best manual pool vac - Recommendations?

    I have a Hayward robotic pool vac and it's great. However, when we get storms I like to get some of the debris off the pool that I know stains. Anyone have recommendations on a good pool vac that I could push around manually? I've looked at review after review and so many look like junk...
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    Feature and Booster Pump - Maintenance Runtime Schedule

    Our pool is just a few months old. We have a dedicated booster pump and another dedicated feature pump (cascades). The startup guy set both pumps to run daily for two minutes -- just to keep water flowing in those pipes and through those pumps (makes sense to me). Would love the TFP guru...
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    New Pool Stone - Calcium or Efflorescence

    New pool owner here -- just finished construction a few months ago. I'm trying to determine whether the white stains on the natural stone of the raised spa around the spillway are calcium or efflorescence. The spillway from the spa shoots into the pool, but there is some small dribbling of...
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    iAquaLink 3.0 Stinks - Unreliable comapred to 2.0

    I had an iAquaLink 2.0 unit for a while and never had any issues. The 3.0 version connects fine and works reliably for basica on/off functionality. HOWEVER, it will randomly lock-up when you program via the web interface. This requires a reset or a call to Fluidra support to remotely reset...
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    House Stucco Cracks Appear After Pool Completed

    A couple weeks after our pool was completed, we noticed cracks in the stucco on the side of the house where the pool is in multiple locations below windows. We have expansive soil where we are and the pool is about 7 feet from the home foundation. the pipes for everything are RIGHT next to the...
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    Filtration Pump After heavy use?

    This may seem like a dumb question, but after the spa is heated and pool is used by a half dozen people who were over, does it make sense to run the circ/filter pump for an hour or two to circulate the water? Seems like it would but maybe it doesn't matter! Just curious on thoughts!
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    New Spa - Spa Mode Heater RPM Recommendations

    We just got our new in-ground spa going. We have a separate booseter pump, so we use that when we want jets on. So, really our filter pump in spa mode is just used for the heater. The default RPMs was 3350, but that's because it generates bubbles at that RPM from the jets that do the...
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    New Pebble - White spot (before filling)

    Before filling we noticed 3-4 white spots int he pebble. We thought they were rock, but as it turns out looks like someone spikes possibly on their way out. One spot is bigger (see photo) about size of a fingernail. The spots are actually indentations or little pits. The plaster guy who did...
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    Structural Engineering Question - 12 Inch Walls

    Our pool has 12 inch walls all the way around. The engineer told us that normal shell walls are 6 inches thick if there is only one "curtain" of steel. Builder did 12 inches to make the pool stronger, but the engineer is saying that 12 inches thick without a second layer ("double curtain") of...