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  1. JWLuke

    Installing Jandy Valve to replace two ball valves.

    If I replace two ball valves with one Jandy valve I’m not sure if I will be able blow out lines during fall closing. Normally I use a compressor to blow the lines. I blow the skimmer line and close the ball valve when complete. Then I blow the main drain until I see bubbles coming up and then...
  2. JWLuke

    Re-plumbing valve question

    Getting ready to install new VSP, trying to figure out how to setup the plumbing, I want to use a Jandy valve. I have two suction lines coming from pool, one main drain and one skimmer. They are now connected to each other with a 1 1/2 inch “T” with each having its own shutoff valve. To give...
  3. JWLuke

    Do I have 220 power?

    I just bought a new VSP to replace a single speed pump. It needs 220. My breakers (2 each) have 120/240 vac, HACR Type, 2 pole J-970 printed on them, does that mean that they are 220?
  4. JWLuke

    Portable Utility Pumps - Lifespan

    I needed to drain about three inches of water from my pool this morning after a big rain last night. I plugged the portable pump in and it ran for about 15 seconds and stopped. I tried it about 10 times and it would just shut off. I have had my pool for 22 years and I seem to have to replace the...
  5. JWLuke

    Vibrating pipe

    I did some re-plumbing and now I have a stretch of pvc about 3feet long that is slightly vibrating. It’s the long pipe coming out of the filter going to the return. It shakes from left to right about maybe a half inch or so. Should I brace it and if so, how?
  6. JWLuke

    Did some re-plumbing today ( pics)

    We used to use our heater when we first had our pool installed but haven’t now for about 18 years. So I decided to do something I’ve been meaning to do for about 18 years. I removed a combined 16 elbows and 45’s. I’m going to have to re-position my returns to keep my PH down now. The return...
  7. JWLuke soon can water be tested after adding powder?

    I added three pounds of cya yesterday in a sock in front of a return. I squeezed the sock until all granules were dissolved. The sock is now empty and the pool has been circulating for over 24hrs. How soon should I expect to see results? I read that it can take up to a week but if it is all...
  8. JWLuke

    How to view photo attachments.

    Whenever a pic attachment is in a thread that I am reading and I click on it, it takes me to a new window and I have to log in. If someone has posted multiple pics I have to log back in to see each picture. What am I doing wrong?
  9. JWLuke

    New convert

    My story: I’ve had my pool installed 19 year’s ago. This year I opened it and saw that it was slightly green as usual at opening. I threw in four bags of Clorox shock that I bought from big box store. The pump was running and everything was set to go. As I was preparing to put the pool cleaner...