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  1. timrf79

    Is my plaster too old?

    Where do I find ascorbic acid?
  2. timrf79

    Muriatric acid = muriatrc acid?

    Is there any reason this acid from Lowe’s can/should not be used in a pool? It is double the price if the MA they have in the pool section….
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  4. timrf79

    Is my plaster too old?

    I was thinking of installing an SWG next month...
  5. timrf79

    Is my plaster too old?

    Kit taylor K-2006C (or so) And yes to pool math Started taking over my pool maintenance just this month. On 8/13 I added Calcium Chloride Dihydrate to get the CH level up
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  7. timrf79

    Is my plaster too old?

    Not sure how to answer that. I test daily for FC and PH. My CYA is around 50, hence I keep my FC between 4 and 6. TA is high at 110, trying to get it down, by bringing PH to 7.0 and then let it go up to 8.0 CH is at 450.
  8. timrf79

    Is my plaster too old?

    My pool and plaster is at least 29 years old (we bought the house with it, i have original drawings (done by hand) and an invoice (done on a type writer) , but the only item dated is an invoice from 92). The plaster is most likely the original plaster. There are 3 spots (first 3 pics) that are...
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  13. timrf79

    Thunderstorm rolling through

    What should I look for, expect after a Thunderstorm comes through? It added about 1inch of water to the pool, dropped in a bunch of leaves PH up due to aeration? or PH down due to rain having a PH of 2-5? FC loss due to leaves in pool? CYA down due to dilution?
  14. timrf79

    Storng Chlorine in fridge

    I understand that bleach degrades with heat and UV, would storing in a fridge be a good option?
  15. timrf79

    Is my Vacuum Hose Crud?

    When I set my suction to skimmer only, cover one skimmer up, connect the hose to the other skimmer and the Variable Speed pump to 'Quick Clean", the suction is so strong that the hose "collapses". Is that because I have a crappy hose, or is that just too much suction? Are there any heavy duty...
  16. timrf79

    Estimate Chlorine needed for SLAM?

    Thanks for the tip, will need to call them. The store is about 40miles from my house...
  17. timrf79

    Estimate Chlorine needed for SLAM?

    My CH is 250, PoolMath recommends 350 to 550, i got the stuff en-route. Leslie's is 0.5 miles from my house, Aldi with bleach about 20 miles. The drive does not offset the savings. However, will run the math for buying higher quantities.
  18. timrf79

    Estimate Chlorine needed for SLAM?

    Since I am still having algae dust in the pool, I am going to SLAM the pool. Thinking before I need to: - Verify the MPV and Sand filter work alright, currently my filter picks up so much that pressure goes from 7 to 8.5 in 24hrs, so it should be fine? - Add DE to the filter (or not?) - Get...
  19. timrf79

    What skimmer caps do I need

    Does anyone have an STL for this, so I can 3D print my own? It looks like a simpile 7inch round circle with a hose adapter at the top, right?
  20. timrf79

    How long until water gets clear

    just to confirm, With a sand filter it may take a week or more to clear up and the entire time the FC needs to be at 28? Is there any way to estimate how much chlorine I need for that? About 1 gal per day?
  21. timrf79

    How long until water gets clear

    FC 8 CC 0 pH 7.5 TA 130 CH 250 ( currently waiting on the peladow) CYA 60 tested with Taylor k2006c
  22. timrf79

    How long until water gets clear

    Ah… well the water looked clear once it all settled… if it is dead algae, why do i need to keep slamming, isn’t the point to kill the organics? And once dead it just filters out? is algae like a zombie, coming back from the dead…
  23. timrf79

    What skimmer caps do I need

    In order to hook up a vacuum hose/manual cleaner, what do I need here? and I got 2 skimmers, do I need a blank cover for the other skimmer?
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  25. timrf79

    How long until water gets clear

    Hoping this is the right section here. Synopsi’s of the last two weeks: - All year long pol went from clear to green to clear within two weeks - Pool Cleaner claimed filter broken - Checked Filter and replaced Sand - Replaced gasket in multiport valve, but used pool lube instead of glue to set...
  26. timrf79

    What do you use to measure/ add

    Thanks all for the feedback! I was using an 8oz plastic cup, quite tedious when you need to add 96oz of something
  27. timrf79

    What do you use to measure/ add

    I may be overthinking this, but what do you use to measure up liquid bleach, muriatic acid, etc... and then add to the pool?
  28. timrf79

    Chlorine limit of cleaner

    Could I safely run the robot at FC levels of 24 (CYA 60), as long as I rinse it after it is done?
  29. timrf79

    Chlorine limit of cleaner

    The Dolphin Sigma states in the manual that it should only be used with a max Chlorine content of 4ppm: LINK Looking at the Chlorine/CYA chart 4ppm is really low. It is below the target level for my pool with CYA of 60. Thoughts, Comments?