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    Which is correct shock level?

    The Pool Calculator says my shock level should be 17 The CYA chart and everyone else says it's more like 22. Which one is it? I've been holding it at 22 -26 for the past 24 hours with the pump running 24/7 but still not passing the OCLT. I think it would have passed last night if it...
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    Safe for kids to swim with FC at 22 ?????

    I noticed what appeared to possibly be the beginning stages of algae when I went to clean my pool yesterday morning. The water was slightly cloudy with some suspicious yellowish looking dirt all around the seams of the liner. I went ahead and raised it to shock levels. Shock level for my pool...
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    HELP - Do I have Algae or What????

    Went out to clean pool this am and found all kinds of this yellow/orangish stuff along the seams all over the bottom of the pool. It almost looks like pollen but I doubt that's possible this time of year - or is it? It's been a relatively dry summer but every time it rains it seems like this...
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    To shock or not to shock????

    I'm pretty sure I'm OK but it's still a little foreign to not shock my pool. I've not "shocked" in almost 2 months now since starting getting the mess caused by poor advice from our pool store sorted out using the BBB method. I'm talking about a non-chlorine type of shock. SWG is set at 20%...
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    Dead Critter in skimmer - shock?

    Found a small mole in my skimmer this evening. I've always been advised to "triple shock" in this case by the pool store. Do I need to shock? Is there shock method other than raising the FC sky high? Is traditional non-chlorinated shock/oxidizer OK?
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    Saturation Index with Vinyl Liner Pool?

    In my education process to have total control over our pool, I've been reading up about CSI and how it changes with TA, CH, pH, and water temp. My numbers are currently: FC 4.0 CC 0.0 pH 7.6 TA 70 CH 190 CYA 55 SWG @ 20% output Water temp is around 83deg and climbing daily so my CSI is right...
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    Is GFIC required on a 220v pump?

    I am upgrading my 120v Super Pump to a 220v Ecostar. I know code requires wet location 120v installations to be GFIC protected which mine currently is but I've never seen a 220v circuit GFIC protected. Thoughts?
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    Energy efficient upgrade pump to replace Hayward Super Pump

    My 5 year old single speed 1.5hp Hayward Super Pump is on it's way out. The pump choices out there make my head spin. I have been looking at variable speed pumps. The Ecostar is one I keep going back to since all of my pool equipment is Hayward (like that matters) but there seem to be a few...
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    Is CYA affected by water temp?

    Would a change in water temp cause a change in the CYA test readings? I checked my CYA last week when the weather and water temp was warmer - in the 80-85 degree range and it was reading 70ppm. We had some cooler weather with rain come through so I checked everything again and the CYA...
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    Help -Pump is dying - need recommendations

    I currently have a Hayward Super Pump 1.5hp single speed pump on my pool that is going on it's 5th season. Upon opening the pool this year, the pump started making a loud whirring noise. It quietened down for a while but now it's nosier than ever. I was hoping I could make it through this...
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    Do I need to shock?

    New to the forum and could use a little help. It's been very liberating so far to no longer feel entirely dependent on the pool store and their sometimes questionable and inconsistent advice on water treatment. After buying a good test kit of my own and reading the basics on this forum, I was...
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    Shocking SWG Pool???

    New to the board. Wealth of information here that the pool store will hate that I now know. I've always taken a water sample to the pool store and walked out at least $100 lighter in the pocket. It's always seemed like a moving target up until now. I've learned more about pool chemistry and...