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    Broken jandy valve actuator

    All, I have a broken valve actuator. It’s been broken for a while, in the sense that one of my kids fell on it and broke the handle off of the top. However, more recently, it has failed in that it will only turn one way. It’s on a three way T and it turns 180 degrees on the T. Currently, it...
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    IC40 salt calibration

    A few days ago, you fine folks helped me to change out my IC40 for a new one Today, I’m checking the monthly numbers... using a taylor k1766, which admittedly I have been using the same reagents since 2016, I get a salt level of 3600. My new cell is reading 7100. Is it time to buy new reagents...
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    IC40 Failure?

    All, thanks in advance. I am on my 5th season with an IC40. Had to replace the flow switch 2 year ago. This spring, my salt readings (from the diagnostics) have been falsely high AND low, as compared to my drop based titrations. The red flow light has been on occasionally this past week. 3...
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    Odd creatures in my pool. Insect larvae?

    All i wasn't sure if this is the right place to post, so please move if needed. Long story as short as possible. I have been away from my pool for vacation. The salt water generator was running while I was away. On June 28th, the pool was crystal clear. Business as usual. But I was away...
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    Cost of ledge removal

    I am a long time lurker. Finally watering my gunite. Anyhow, I searched here, there and everywhere to try and ballpark the cost of ledge removal. I figured I should pay it forward.