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    SWG: dissassociate ORP sensor but use the PH Sensor

    Hi Gang, In my second season and the ORP sensor has can't keep a reading so SWG turns on at 100% and doesn't shut off. PB has turned in a warranty claim (2nd week awaiting the warranty claim) so I can get a new one but I've read this: How To Disassociate Intellichlor & Intellichem...
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    K-1000 Test Kit and SWG

    Hello again! I have 2 part question: Daily Test Kit, Bather load. Daily Test Kit I joined last year as a new pool owner bought the TF-100 and learned a ton when I had to do my first SLAM. Here I am 1 year later feeling more confident only to find out I should NOT have been using the K-1000 as...
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    Hello from KC! SLAM - first time

    New pool and 1st time owner. 17 x 34, white plaster, intelliflo pump, 30" Triton Fast sand filter, IC40, Intellichem, UVo3 System, auto cover, TFT 100 kit. This is my first season! Do not like the ORP sensors FC levels hard to maintain with SWG! On my 4th day of SLAM after light green water and...