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    Added calcium and now my numbers are off??

    Hello I added 10 lbs of calcium chloride to the pool this morning to increase calcium hardness. Below are the numbers I had this morning. FC 2 (I usually keep at 3 based off cya) CC 0 pH 7.4 TA 60 CH 160 CYA 20 I added 10 lbs calcium chloride (didn't want to add too much at one time). Here are...
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    That makes sense. Thanks! How long do I need to maintain the FC 12? Just until the water is clear again? Then I can go back to normal levels?
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    Yes, that is correct. Yikes! I'm guessing my lack of checking everyday I am starting to grow algae I just can't see it yet? I just raised by FC to 12. How often should I check it and how long should I keep the FC that high? Also, do I not need to do anything with the phosphate level? What should...
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    My water became cloudy and not sure what to do. I was testing my water daily with a Taylor 2006 test kit and keeping my numbers perfect. Then I had to study for my board exam and slacked on the pool big time because it looked clear. Last night my chorine tested at 0 so I added the recommended...
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    Calcium Hardness

    Thank you! Is there a more specific range? I am seeing 350-550
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    Calcium Hardness

    Can someone tell me why calcium hardness is important for a gunite pool? I measured mine at 150. The pool math calculator says I need to add 25 lbs of calcium chloride. Just wondering why this is necessary?
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    High CYA

    Yes that is correct I am currently using liquid chlorine 12.5%. I understand that the tablets and other products with fillers will just increase my cya levels even more.
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    High CYA

    I completed the above test with tap water and got a cya result of 100. Any recommendations on how much water I should drain to lower my level? What cya level should I be aiming for? In addition, I have well water with iron. Is there some kind of filter I should put on my hose in order to filter...
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    High CYA

    Thanks! I will do that and report back!
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    High CYA

    Newbie here....I have high CYA level, it's reading below the 100 mark on the Taylor 2006-C test kit. Below is the rest of my test results.... FC 5 (I understand that my goal should be much higher according to the CYA/Chlorine chart. I've been keeping it higher than this). TA 130 CYA >100 pH 8...
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    Ok will do. Thank you so much for all of your help!
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    Yes we have iron and very hard water. The only reason I know that is our water softener inside isn’t working well. I had spoken with a plumber about adding an iron shield.
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    Yes. I got a result of 90
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    Isn’t draining the pool the only way to lower the cya level? I’m sorry, I’m so new to this 😳
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    Yes we are on well water. I would have to drain the water down the hill. The well is also down the hill but to the right.
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    Thank you very much. How much should I drain to start?
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    Hello from SW Missouri!

    Hi there! We are right down the road in Springfield. I also just joined and trying to figure everything out!
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    Howdy from Springfield Missouri

    Newbie here! My name is Christin and have purchased a house with an existing 18,000 in-ground gunite pool. Just opened a couple of weeks ago and still trying to figure everything out.
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    Hi everyone. I am a new pool owner. We have a gunite 18,000 gallon in-ground chlorine pool that is several years old. Sand filter. Trying to figure out this testing part. Here are my numbers...I am not sure where to start. The water looks clear, but some of my numbers are off. pH 7.7 FC 2 CC 0.5...