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    Why must FC be below 5 if CYA is zero?

    In the Basic Pool Care, I read the following: "When CYA is really zero you should not bring the FC level above 5." My question is why? :? Thank you.
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    How long to wait after adding bleach and muratic acid

    Hi all: How long should one wait to swim after adding a normal amount of bleach and muratic acid to maintain the proper level per the "Pool Calculator" ? Bill
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    Slooooowly I turn, step by step...

    Hi all: Here is my first post. I could write a novel on this but I will deliver the Cliff Notes version. After fighting the green algae for three weeks, I found this sight, became a TFP Supporter, ordered the TF-100 test kit, and finally, went to Sam's to buy four boxes of clorox bleach (3...