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    Tank ring for pool

    Wife and I bought a above ground swimming pool from Sam's club last year. 20' x 48" summer waves brand I think? Well our ground isn't super level out in the country so we rented a sod cutter and cut a 24' circle. My idea was to build a tank ring out of 8" flat iron we have and pound steaks on...
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    summer waves elite winterization??

    Just bought a Summer Waves elite 20 ft by 48 in from Sam's club. We are wondering what we need to do in the winter? Do we drain the water and take it down? Or can we leave it set up with some water in it over the winter. We live in North Dakota and Winters can get down to -40 below zero ??
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    How screwed am I!?

    We move my hot tub and went to hook it back up tonight and literally got to the last wire in the hot tub and the plastic little spring mechanism thingy broke see picture below it was so frustrating I literally almost put my boot through the whole thing but lucky enough I didn't Model of the...
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    dirt keeps getting in hot tub ...

    So we just built a house and our yard is still just dirt from all the construction.... anytime the wind blows (we live in the country so there's nothing blocking it) it's lifts the lid a bit and I get dirt in the hot tub. .. is there any simple solution to keep dirt out?
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    Tablets vs. Granular chlorine

    New to using chlorine, looking online and right now we have Spa Guard granular Chlorine Concentrate. What's the benefits of the granular vs tablets, I know ones "diclor" and "Trichlor" I know a lot of people don't recommend trichlor - (tablets) --why??? Thanks
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    Using saltwater in a normal hot tub?

    I currently own a "saltwater" hot tub it has the ACE saltwater sanitizing system in it..... Currently the ace saltwater system is being dysfunctional and is "offline" and making my a bit grumpy.... so right now I am adding chlorine manually and running it like a normal hot tub. Is it ok to...
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    ACE saltwater system troubleshoot??

    I have a 2013 Grandee I bought from hot spring spas brand new. Finally got it set up again after sitting empty all winter and most of the summer till our house was finished. Water pH and Alk is balanced pretty good per what the strips say I thought the Saltwater was reading perfect. Well...
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    Suds in the hot tub

    Hello! I own a 2013 grandee from hot spring spas, It sat all last winter and this summer empty with rv anti freeze to prevent it from freezing up till we got our house built. It built up a gross alge that took forever to get washed out. Filled the hot tub after I got it cleaned out using...