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    Salt water system storage in the winter months?

    Hello everyone I am under the understanding that you are to store your salt cell indoors. But my question is should I also bring my flow switch and control box indoors also? I live in the northeast and winters can get pretty cold here. I was not sure if it was good to leave the electronics...
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    Changing out wide mouth skimmer.

    Hello, I was wondering if I can change out my wide mouth skimmer without draining my pool? My pool came with a Olympic wide mouth skimmer and I would like to swap it out for a Hayward one. Can I just drain it below the skimmer line and exchange them out or will the liner shift on me? Does anyone...
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    Salt water TFTest speedstir question???

    Hello, I just received my TF Pro salt water test kit yesterday and I was trying to place the batteries in my speedstir and I am a little confused on where they go? I took the back cover off and there is nowhere to place the batteries. I am missing something here??? I have posted a few pics so...