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  1. immlab

    Sitting in front of a spa spillover?

    Our builder designed a 4 foot spillover from the spa to the pool, which looks nice, but I haven't been in a spa with such a large spillover. Would this make the seating any less desirable or comfortable if your back is on the spillover section? I don't want to lose 4 feet of seating space...
  2. immlab

    New Pool in Austin!

    We are in the design process and I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone here who has already helped me so much without even realizing it! Pool info: Pentair IntelliFlo VSF, Pentair Clean & Clear 420 Cartridge, Pentair MasterTemp 400k, Polaris 3900 Sport w/ Booster, 1 Pentair IntelliBrite...