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  1. Djjones

    Replacing main drain cutoff

    Hello all! main drain valve handle broken, can this be replaced or is it just too much of hassle? Someone told me the pool might need to be drained to replace it? We were using a pipe wrench to turn it on and off. Currently we’ve just left it on. Our pool is not winterized.
  2. Djjones

    Amazon Smile issue

    The link to choose Trouble Free Pool as my charity is broken? I only get a “Sorry we can’t find that page message” when I click on Select. I tried multiple times and can try again later today.
  3. Djjones

    First time pool owner, older pool

    Bought a property in Brooks Ga that just happens to have a 20x40 inground pool. Never owned a pool, but we figured what the heck, it would at least be a grandbaby magnet, lol. Pool had a safety cover on it and had not been opened in 2-3 years. Filter was busted and looked someone had ran into it...