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  1. uxbridgechris

    “Water sw open”. Raypak 266 digital.

    My heater is doing funny things today. Error code “water sw open”. Google isn’t being much help. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  2. uxbridgechris

    Aquarite- unique question about run time.

    This is my 3rd season. I have this Aquarite figured out down to a science. 5 hours run time per day @ 70% works perfectly for us. The problem is, in the spring and fall. I open stupid early and close stupid late. I extend my season so long in fact, I have many days when my automation...
  3. uxbridgechris

    Life expectancy of solar cover.

    Season 3 for my pool here in Canada. We are not a typical Canadian pool season. I open early and close late. Last 2 years we’ve gotten about 5-6 months of pool time per season. Oddly enough, I opened yesteday and my solar cover is falling apart. It is a clear bubble cover. I...
  4. uxbridgechris

    Removing Aquarite flow sensor without destroying it. Video

    Posting this so that others won’t make the same mistake I did. If you ever need to remove the flow sensor from the Tee for the purposes of trouble shooting, replumbing, etc.
  5. uxbridgechris

    Cracked Aquarite union nut.

    Last fall, noticed one nut had cracks all around the circumference of the nut. (Possibly from over tightening?) Should have ordered new one over winter but it wasn’t leaking and I didn’t want to source and replace the flow switch tee. Started leaking yesterday. Tried to tighten but the...
  6. uxbridgechris

    Need a new handheld vac. Recommendations? Thx.

    I used a Vectrol p300 last year to keep the steps and benches clean. Worked very well but now the battery is dead, and the vendor is telling me that none of them lasted thru the winter. They are issuing a credit. I can’t live without one of these so looking for recommendations...
  7. uxbridgechris

    How does SWG get salt level reading?

    Taylor drop test says I have 2000ppm of salt in pool. Just plugged in swg for the first time this season and it says 3600ppm. I kinda think that was the reading last fall before I drained half the pool. To give me a better understanding of how things work, does it take a certain...
  8. uxbridgechris

    I win!!!!! First Canadian Pool to open? Lol

    Opened my pool today. Circulating water really helps melt that last little bit of ice. Hahahah Test results not bad either. TA. 110 (maybe a little muriatic after ph comes up) CYA 10 (sock time) FC. 3 (wow, surprised I have any) Ph. 6.8 (Have my air pump bubbling as we...
  9. uxbridgechris

    Safety cover ordering for a freeform shape

    I have left this a little late. Need to order a safety cover for my freeform fiberglass pool. The manufacturer cannot (likely will not) provide a detailed dimensional drawing. It is a Blue Hawaiian wellington. 12x24’. Pretty hard pool to measure. I guess I could make a template out...
  10. uxbridgechris

    Retractable, polycarbonate amd aluminum pool domes

    These are interesting on a few levels for me. Extend the season, no need for safety cover etc but are they designed for colder climates where snow is a gaurentee? Also, very limited pricing information online. Most websites show a few standard widths and lengths but no pricing.
  11. uxbridgechris

    Mosquito Magnet?

    They are driving us crazy. Mosquitos are soooooooo terrible this year. Or maybe we just never noticed before because we weren’t outside much in the pre pool years. 9pm hits and we can’t even swim. Weekdays I work from 5 or 6 am until 6 to 8pm. So my swim time is at night and the family...
  12. uxbridgechris

    surface mount hand rail options?

    We did not want a hand rail, now we do. Lol My water chemistry is good and the fiberglass pool is not slippery but if the right conditions exist you can get hurt. Today, I was working in the yard and wearing shoes with no socks. I slip off the shoes to get in pool, hit the top step and go...
  13. uxbridgechris

    Saw Cut Concrete = ++++ ph

    My pool was completely full of concrete dust today after we saw cut the concrete deck. Pump is running and I am cleaning the pool. Do I treat it with acid or will it come down on it's own? It is > 8.2
  14. uxbridgechris

    Concrete time, aluminum coping care?

    I am pouring concrete tomorrow for the pool deck. I have hired a finishing crew so I am not actually doing the work. Should I be in the pool as they finish it to clean up the spillage going over top of the aluminum coping or do I just hose it off the next day?
  15. uxbridgechris

    Not completely understanding CH in fiberglass.

    I read a 2 page thread on fiberglass pools getting a chalky stain that has been very difficult to remove. There was lots of chatter that it was calcium. I understand that if CH is too low in concrete pools, water will want to pull calcium from the concrete itself. In fiberglass pools...
  16. uxbridgechris

    Aluminum Coping Caps. Adhesive??????

    Getting ready for concrete. These little caps cover the gaps between the 8' coping sections to clean up the joint. Once concrete is poured these are locked in and cannot be removed or replaced. On the side facing the pool water they need to be glued. The coping manufacturer says to use...
  17. uxbridgechris

    Pretty Awesome little product. Heater Reader.

    I dont remember how I stumbled upon this product but it came up in Google last fall. Extremely simple way to remotely (via app) control circulation and heating. You can also set schedules and if you input fuel cost and BTU size of heater it will keep track of running costs. Everything...
  18. uxbridgechris

    Where to start. Aquarite xl. 25k

    My pool build is coming along and I expect to be installing equipment within a week. Please see signature for Pool size etc. Pool is full. Salt level is 3900 ppm. Ph is 7.5. TA is 100. I have the 25k cell. Once i get the equipment hooked up, how long per day should I run the...
  19. uxbridgechris

    Handheld Vac whatchamacallit?

    Lol, Those handheld vacs. Battery powered that can attach to a pole or be held in the hand. Are they any good? Looking for something specifically to clean the 2 bench seats and my stairs in my fiberglass pool as the robot wants nothing to do with them. No leaves or big stuff in my...
  20. uxbridgechris

    Dolphin Hack for extending cycle time????

    My pool is tiny so I thought this would be a good robot for me. Dolphin Encore Robotic Pool Cleaner | Pool Supplies Canada It has a 2 hour cycle time. I assume the power supply is what controls run time but maybe I am wrong. Is there a hack to make this thing run longer? Lots of...
  21. uxbridgechris

    Raypak 266 btu ng. Understanding this chart for venting

    If I install this in a shed, I understand the flue had to be vented and the shed needs to have vents for combustion air. Not really understanding this chart. If all air is from outside of building vent size = if all air is from inside of building vent size = The air is clearly...
  22. uxbridgechris

    Swim tether.

    My wife was a a competition swimmer in high school. way back in 1948. lol. She wants me to install a swim tether after my concrete deck is poured. I want a good one as I am going to drill the deck and permanately install. I also want one that is very comfortable for her and easy to...
  23. uxbridgechris

    What am I missing for my equipment ?

    Crude drawing but this is what I have so far. I purchased check valves but don't think I need them. Would like opinions of what i am missing here. cold climate so need to blow out lines in fall. Do I need more valves, Unions etc? Thanks
  24. uxbridgechris

    TF-100 Online place to buy fast shipping?

    A friend is going to the states and I want to have this shipped to their hotel to bring back into Canada for me. Best place to buy online in USA with fast shipping? thanks. Also...... Salt water pool. do I need any extras or upgrades?
  25. uxbridgechris

    Why no equipment shed for the westerners?

    Its seems like the Europeans lean towards having equipment housed in a shed whereas us in North America lean towards leaving their stuff exposed to the elements. Is the only disadvantage of housing equipment cost and extra work? Wondering why the majority of pool owners in NA keep their...
  26. uxbridgechris

    Dolphin Encore opinions.

    I love buying the best but when it comes to robots do I really need the best for my 6000 gallon pool? I found this one. I like the 40’ cord vs the 60’ on more expensive models as my pool is only 25’. It has a 2 hour...
  27. uxbridgechris

    Ideal place for 2 returns on this pool?

    It’s such a small pool, I am only doing 2 returns. Skimmer is right where the pic says 12’. Where red would be the best place for the returns? thanks folks.
  28. uxbridgechris

    Yes, I have major OCD. opinions?

    Waterway fittings - YouTube
  29. uxbridgechris

    Ideal distance from top of pool for lights and returns?

    On a fiberglass pool, what is the ideal distance from the top of the fiberglass shell (not the coping) to the center of the hole for: return jets and lights. Thanks folks.
  30. uxbridgechris

    Equipment shed layout.

    So the painters tape represents the inside dimentions of my equipment shed to be built. I cannot make it bigger. 9' wide by 5' deep. I want to leave as much room around the heater as possible for maintaince but as you see, there is not much to work with. Everything will have...