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    Malfunctioning pool cleaner. Only works on the highest RPMs.

    Hi, I have a Polaris pool cleaner. Recently it stopped moving altogether. Water is not making it to the Polaris. The pump is working. I opened up the pump and the blade is moving and functioning fine as well. The issue with the Polaris is that it does not move at all on normal cleaning...
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    Polaris Pressure Cleaner Not Moving

    Hi, I was wondering if I can please get some ideas on troubleshooting my pool cleaner. My Polaris Cleaner is not moving at all. The cleaning function is on from the control panel. However the robot is nonmoving none whatsoever. When I pull it out of the water previously when it is on from the...
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    Pool robot valve broke. Can someone please identify broken part

    Hi, The part that connects my pool cleaning robot to the wall connection broke. It was making weird sounds for a few days and when I tried to readjust it, it came out broken. Can someone please help me in identifying what part I need to order to replace this. Pictures attached.
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    Does my S7M400 cartridge need a recharge?

    Hi, I just cleaned my pool filter. I have a Sta-Rte S7M400. Cleaned both filters with a water hose. I was wondering does this particular filter need to be recharged after cleaning? Any advice would be great. Thank you.
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    Are there any pool barriers available to create Isolated areas of pool water

    Hi, I am beginning to see traces of algae in my pool. There is only a small amounts on a few pool walls. Problem is that it comes back Whenever I wipe it off. In the past when this happened only in the spa(Which is connected to the pool)I was able to super concentrated the spa only And get...
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    Should I switch from liquid Chlorine to Tablets...Seems more economical

    Hi I have been taking care of my pool now for ~2 months. After doing the SLAM process since my pool guy screwed up things have been well. I use 1 gallon of 10% chlorine every 4 days. so I use ~8 bottles per month and at $4 a pop its about $32 per month on chlorine. I know the tablets add...
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    Worms in my Pool. Please help.

    Hi I had mild algae in the pool. I just finished SLAMing the pool last weekend. I think this is independent, but now I have multiple (mostly black, some white) medium size worms in the pool. Picture attached. They are ~2 inches long. I removed all the ones I could see today. I saw 1 or 2 last...
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    Algae keeps coming back on Walls

    Hi I recently fired my pool guy because he was doing a poor job. Chlorine was at 0 and algae was growing on walls and steps. This past weekend I went inside the pool and scrubbed all the steps and walls and each corner, along with clean form the outside with a large brush. I then shocked the...
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    Is Walmart Pool Essentials Chorinating Liquid the right one to buy

    Hi I am trying to find out which liquid chlorine is the best to buy. I went to Walmart and saw this Pool essential Chlorinating liquid. I have read so much online and am confused. If this a good product to buy or should I be buying just plain and simple chlorox bleach or something else? Thanks...
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    Calcium Hardness Test result very different TF-100 vs. Leslie's pool Shop

    Hi I just started taking care of my pool. I just got the TFT-100 kit. Almost all chemistries were as expected on the first test except CH was measured at 300. On my last check at the pool shop the CH was 150. I was surprised. I took pool water to the shop again today and again all chemistries...
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    Rheem Spa Heater Giving Clock/Fireman switch error

    Hi I have Rheem spa heater for my pool/spa combo. It no longer heats the water. It gives the error of "Clock/Fireman Sw" which according to the manual means "Fireman or Remote switch connected to Safety Loop is in the OFF Mode" Can someone please guide me on how to fix this? Thanks.
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    Is a PH meter Worth Buying?

    Hi I know the TFT kits does a PH test, but I was wondering if PH meters which are cheap...I see them on amazon for $15. Are you also a good way of checking PH? Thanks.
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    Newbie getting started. Please advice on best pool solutions and where to buy

    Hi I am planning to starting to take care of my own pool starting this week. Going to fire the pool guy after tomorrow (as you can see by the #'s below he has been doing a poor job) Had my water evaluated at the local pool shop: Pertinent Numbers are: Chlorine: 0 CYA: 0 Calcium Hardness: 150...
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    How to test pool chemistry at home

    Hi I have been a pool owner for 2 yrs, have a pool guy taking care of my pool, but I want to start doing it myself now. I looked at the Pool chemistry lesson in the pool school. I know I can go to my local pool shop to get my water tested, but I don't want to do that everytime. Is there a...