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    Need help Identify Seal/Oring

    Today my pull pump cut off in the middle of the day. I noticed some weird rubber type stuff inside of the impeller. Apparently there is some sort of o ring or seal inside of the impeller but I can't identify the part. Circled in red is the seal or oring that appears to have broken with half...
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    Replace Rusted Ladder

    This pool ladder is starting to rust extremely bad. I believe that the original pool builder used a ladder not suited for saltwater. You know of any good ladders for saltwater pools that could fit the existing anchor system?.
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    Green Backwash Filter View Port

    Thanks. I didn't know that this part screwed off. It's all good and clean now.
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    Green Backwash Filter View Port

    As the weather is starting to warm up, I noticed this backwash view port was super green. What is this view port called and how to best clean it out? Would all I nees to do is slam the pool? Thanks
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    Recycle Old SWG

    Hello All I recently replaced my Saniclear20 SWG system with a CircuPool SWG system. For those that have replaced a system, what do you do with the old one? Any one had any luck with recycling the parts?
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    Replacement Brand

    Here you go. If I had to guess, this is a Hayward aftermarket brand.
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    Replacement Brand

    Hello I currently have a Saniclear 20 system that lately has been doing the low salt reading. The system was installed in about July 2016. I am thinking the salt cell may be going bad as recalibrating didn't really work. The system is still barely producing chlorine. I am thinking it is...
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    Weird Skimmer Filtering

    Yes it is. I think it was a matter of finding the correct balance of how much to suck from the bottom and the top. If I suck too much from the bottom or top this happens. So far, I haven't had an issue within a few days.
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    Carvin/Jacuzzi Starlite LED Possible Replacement

    Hello All. I hate I am late seeing this. Although I was eventually able to unscrew and clean out the lights, one did burn out. So far, I haven't decided to replace. I may look into the treo. How easy was it to install? The only thing holding me back is figuring out how to get the old light...
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    Weird Skimmer Filtering

    I couldn't figure out exactly where to ask this question so I'll ask here. When turning on my pool pump and filter, the skimmer filters perfectly for the first 15 minutes. After a while, the surface dirty water seems to not want to go into the skimmer. It looks like there are lines holding...
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    Opening Pool and COVID-19

    Thanks every one!!!!
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    Opening Pool and COVID-19

    The weather here in GA is starting to consistently be above 60 degrees, and I am thinking about opening the pool soon to prevent a major algae outbreak. Typically when opening the pool, I remove the pool cover, balance the pool, then shock the pool using the SLAM process. Being that liquid...
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    Test Kit Refill TF-100

    Thanks for the heads up. Outside of the CYA test, I think I have enough to get through this summer.
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    Test Kit Refill TF-100

    I have purchased the TF-100 test kit a few seasons ago. I pretty much have run out of the R-0013 reagent. On website I see I can buy a replacement bottle. On Amazon, I see a similar R-0013-E reagent made by Taylor Technologies. Is the R-0013 reagent for test kit TF-100 the...
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    Jacuzzi (Carvin) SaniClear 20 Flow Sensor and Part Removal

    Just a followup, I bit the bullet and bought a Hayward flow switch. So far, the Hayward flow switch is working as expected. Also, I was able to get the old flow switch out of the T pipe. I ended up using a flathead screwdriver with a mallet to slowly unscrew it out of the pipe. Thanks to...
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    Jacuzzi (Carvin) SaniClear 20 Flow Sensor and Part Removal

    Thanks! I was thinking that the Hayward parts would work. I guess I'll be a guinea pig buy a part and see if it works. Also, I am going to try your suggestion as well with removing the flow switch. One last question, is there a guide with testing if the phone jack doesn't work?
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    Jacuzzi (Carvin) SaniClear 20 Flow Sensor and Part Removal

    Would it be the same as the Haywards or from Nigbo? If it helps, it is definitely the one with the phone jack type end. Also, the part is stuck in the threads. :(
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