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    Max-E-Therm 400 heat turning off after a few seconds

    Just a follow up. Used the spa without issue a couple nights ago. Heater kicked on and stayed on without having to re-ignite. Guessing some water just got inside the enclosure? Not sure.
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    Max-E-Therm 400 heat turning off after a few seconds

    Yep, I read that yesterday. A lot of that diagnostic stuff is over my head since I’ve never opened it up. Lots of good info in there though! If it doesn’t improve today, I’ll look into cracking it (and a few beers) open.
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    Max-E-Therm 400 heat turning off after a few seconds

    Thanks. Reading this, it sounds like the flame sensor is being wonky. I can hear the gas start and the burner ignites, but then shuts off after a few seconds like it didn’t detect a flame. Anyway, I tried it later in the day and it actually ignited. I let it run for 15 mins or so and the spa...
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    Max-E-Therm 400 heat turning off after a few seconds

    So I'm in the Sacramento and we just received 6" of rain over the weekend. Ever since, my heater will light (I hear the large boom and it rumbles the house), stays on for 3-5 seconds, and then it goes out. This repeats 3 times before it shuts itself off and the "Service Heater" LED lights up...
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    Create new EasyTouch/ScreenLogic features?

    Yeah, I usually run super chlorinator mode the whole day if I know a bunch of people are going to be swimming, so you're right, it's probably not an issue. I'm an engineer so I like to tinker with everything (hence adding Siri support to all my pool stuff :)), so I was curious about adding the...
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    Create new EasyTouch/ScreenLogic features?

    Hello TFP, I've got a standard Easy Touch / Screen Logic setup. One pump setup, with automatic valves to direct flow to pool or spa. There's been times where I want the spa heated, but also the pool to be filtering water as well. Such as, if we have a bunch of my kid's friends over. Some are...
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    Ever see a 20-year old filter?

    I purchased this house 5 months ago. It was built, and I'm assuming the pool dug, in 1999. From the general look of things, nothing in the house was properly maintained; just replaced when it died. I had to put $9k into replacing all of the pool equipment, except the filter and heater...
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    Weir door replacement

    Thanks. Every number I google links me to a particular U3 skimmer weir door with hinge at the bottom, so I ordered one of those. I did a double-check and I do have a hinge currently in my skimmer opening, so I think as long as I find a really short screwdriver, I should be ok.
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    Weir door replacement

    I guess the numbers are hard to read in the pic. The one that stands out to me is 8650-87x. I searched for this in google and came up with this: The bottom flappy part/hinge seems like it would replace the same...
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    Weir door replacement

    When I moved into this house ~6 weeks ago, it didn't have a weir door, nor did I have any idea what that "flappy door" did until googling it shortly after :). I went to Leslie's when we first moved in, and they pointed me to one of the spring-loaded weir doors. I installed it a month or so...
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    New house, green pool after salt conversion

    Well, we all took a swim yesterday and no one's eyeballs melted, so I think we're good to go as far as the SLAM goes! I'm now slowly adjusting the CH now, at 5lbs/day. It was 225 this morning. Once more R0871 arrives today, I'll take another FC/CC test and try to figure out when to kick on my...
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    New house, green pool after salt conversion

    Roger that, no touching pH yet! PoolMath says 43lbs, wow. I thought my 25lb bucket I got was overkill. Guess I'll be taking a trip to the store!
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    New house, green pool after salt conversion

    Alright, just got done with the morning test. I did a full panel. I remember reading that the pH isn't accurate with the FC levels so high. Is that correct? FC = 20.0 CC = 0.0 pH = 7.9 TA = 120 CH = 190 CYA = 50 Salt = 4200 Somehow, the water looks even better than yesterday! If the pH...
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    New house, green pool after salt conversion

    Night time reading of 17.5 FC and 0 CC. I assume it’s normal to drop a couple FC throughout the day, especially in the California sun? I’d definitely consider the water clear at the moment, so I’ll probably kick my SWCG back on tomorrow and call it good. My R0871 is running on fumes, so...
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    New house, green pool after salt conversion

    Thanks!! Funny story, my wife used some plant identifying app on her phone for all the plants in our yard since there's a zillion. Turns out, it says that the jasmine by the pool is toxic. NO clue why the previous owners would put that right next to a pool. Glad we already tore it out! Time...
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    New house, green pool after salt conversion

    Morning test: 18 FC 0.5 CC Added more chlorine. Pool looks way more blue though! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
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    New house, green pool after salt conversion

    Thanks! We’re tearing out some of the excessive vegetation since it’s also next to a massive oak tree. I have to skim the pool like every 17 seconds, especially since it’s been real windy the past couple days, haha. Just tested at 19 FC and 0 CC. Topped off the chlorine again. I’m running out...
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    New house, green pool after salt conversion

    Awesome, thanks! Feels good to wake up to a clear pool! Is it safe to swim in with FC 20, or do I let it float down to a certain level first? And I’m guessing to leave my SWCG off until it hits that certain level?
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    New house, green pool after salt conversion

    Well, 14 hours after my last top off, I’m reading 20.0 FC this morning, woohoo! Water looks much better. Still a bit more greenish tint than the original pics, however.