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    Recommend a pump timer w/fireman's switch

    I have this one and changing the on/off times is a pain. I need to use a needle nose pliers to snug those on/off tabs and even then sometimes they loosen. It was the only one available locally when I had the heater installed.
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    Signatures on mobile

    @Leebo First thank you for the great work on this site. I can't see members signatures accessing by mobile. Android 10 Thanks
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    SEPA Snow in May

    Never thought I would be looking out over my crystal clear pool watching a snow squall blowing horizontally ? Northern Lancaster County PA. It was 31F this am. Pool has been open 2 wks. Crazy 2020.
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    pH and Water Temp

    First a big thank you to all for the valuable information that has allowed me to have a pool requiring very little effort (or $$) to maintain water balance. The salt water pool guidelines work! I buy MA, CYA and Salt as needed - nothing else. Throughout May and June, pH maintained a very...
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    SWGs and phosphates?

    Had a similar issue last summer when my IC20 SWG (1 yr old pool) could not keep up even running all day @ 100. My pool installer (doesn't sell chemicals) told me to check for phosphates and indeed, I was over 2400ppm. I put in the required phos remover and got that knocked back to 0. Within a...