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    My water source has high TA; what to do

    My total alkalinity is really high, like 400 We have well water, so I took a sample to test. It came back with a pH of 7.4 TA 420 and CH 120 Does this mean this is going to be a forever battle to reduce TA in my pool, or what do I do? pool water tested 7.8 pH 400 TA and 525 CH I think the...
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    SWG readout says more salt than Taylor test, which is correct?

    New pool here, working on balancing :) My SWG reads 3100, and the Taylor k-1766 reads 2600-which do I trust? Other tests FC .8 CC .4 pH 7.2 TA 390 CH 350 CYA almost non existent according to my Taylor K-2006