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    Cyanuric Acid High - Chlorine not holding

    We have a pool service and they have been doing a terrible job. First we had metal stains all over the pool and it was finally removed with asorbic acid. Now we have high cyanuric acid of 210 and the pool doesn't hold chlorine and now starting to get green algae growth on sides of pool and in...
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    I think I have a leak in my pool

    Water fill is constantly running to fill the pool and doesn't seem to be able to catch up. I know it is hotter now but during the winter months and early spring the auto fill hardly ran and the pool stayed filled. Now the pool level seems to be going down faster and the fill seems to be...
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    Inside panel went blank, no power

    The inside panel on my Jandy one touch just went blank. Pool will not run even in manual mode at the box outside. I hear a humming noise at the panel but no lights at the box outside or inside. My pool person thinks its the circuit board, but then he said no power is going to the board so he...