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    Whoops, added CYA directly to pool

    ... And just read about the sock method. I am trying to SLAM my above ground pool and now have CYA granules all over the floor. Will they eventually dissolve? I am shooting for the FC level (16 target, currently at 11) that corresponds to the dissolved target CYA level (20->40).
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    Hayward Heater H200 Ignition Failure

    Hey everyone, Ive been wrestling with the gas and electric requirements for getting this heater up and running all summer and finally got it put together and up to code to find an ignition failure problem. I am guessing that I have insufficient gas supply as the line they ran had to go around...
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    Electrical installation Pentair Superflo Pump for an above ground pool

    Sorry for this long post, but the distributor who sold me our 21' Doughboy Resin Pool led me to believe setting it up would be more straight forward than it is. I have water in the pool but the pump/filter situation is daunting. The pandemic has delayed for months the usual pump and filter...
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    Building above ground pool wall over a ground tree stump

    Hello There, I am new to this forum but I am looking forward to being active once I get my pool built. Does anyone have experience managing the excavation of a ground tree stump under a pool wall? I have a 21' circular Doughboy that I am assembling. We have a very small yard and so had to...