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    Low PH affecting FC test?

    Began a SLAM tonight. I I added muramic acid to bring my PH down to 7.2 and added liquid chlorine to bring my FC up to 20 (CYA is 50). As I was putting everything away I glanced at my bottle of acid and realized it is 31.45% instead of the 15.7% in usually use. Pool Math says that much acid...
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    Solar cover

    Looking for recommendations on a solar cover for a 14ft above ground pool. I am seeing a lot of reviews that say that a lot of the covers on the market fall apart after a short time. Not looking to spend a fortune, just want a cover that will last few seasons.
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    What to do first.

    I just completed my SLAM and my water looks great. I tested the water this afternoon and here are the results: FC: 6 OC: 0 PH: 7 TA: 45 CYA: 10 Salt: 900 From reading the pool school pages and and using the pool math calculator it looks like I need to adjust the PH, TA, Salt, and CYA. My...
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    First time trying to open a pool

    Hi all. Just want to say thank you to all of the knowledgeable people on this forum helping out the people like me. I have a 14 X 48 intex pool. Until this year I have just taken it down each winter and refilled it with fresh water in the spring. Last fall I drained the water down to below the...