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    Solar panels plumbing efficiency

    I've got a pair of above ground solar panels, and I'm trying to figure out the most efficient way to plumb them. I have hard pipe running from the pump to where the panels are set up on a frame on the lawn. They're the kind of panel where the water flow is out and back within the same panel...
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    Above ground solar heater panel setup questions

    For years, my wife's been wanting to figure out some kind of solar heating setup. The pool's location means that it only gets direct sun until about 1pm, so it only ever gets up to around 82 at the warmest, and is too cold for her to swim by early September. Last year, I tried setting up a DIY...
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    How much chlorine on hand for SLAM?

    After years of getting by relatively okay using pool store tests and dosing, now that I'm trying to limit trips out, I decided to finally try the TFP method, in hopes that I'll be able to stop having to periodically fight off algae. So I got a TF-100 kit last week, and now I have questions...