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    Hanna Instruments BL122 Ph & ORP controller

    Has anyone used this controller? I've read a great deal about the stenner pump setups here, but have been looking for a controller along the lines of what we use on our commercial cooling towers, where we measure and dose similarly to a pool's requirements...
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    New Pebble Finish & Water Chemistry

    Installer had a few trichlors in the skimmer basket but only liquid chlorine for me. Installer and subs were great and highly recommended.... but love that no one mentioned anything about startup except to never shut off the fill water. We have hard water here, and it gets worse during the...
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    New Pebble Finish & Water Chemistry

    Thank you for the links, I will read those tonight.
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    New Pebble Finish & Water Chemistry

    I have a newly refinished pool, and am working to get it balanced. I have a Taylor FAS-DPD kit. The first question is that the recommended levels on TFP are different than what is listed in the Taylor Water Chemistry guide. TFP is recommending based on type of pool interior, and Taylor does...
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    Repairing underground PVC lines

    you may wish to look into a plumbing contractor that has specialty equipment, specifically someone that does sewer linings. In some cases they can shoot a liner or epoxy coat a line without digging. This used to be only done on large diameter pipes, but were now doing it with much smaller...