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    Winterization Guide

    After reviewing these and some other material I have a couple additional questions. What size air pillow should I use for an 18' round AGP? A video I watched recommended water filled weights on top of the cover. Do I need these or can I just use the cable that came with my cover and or some...
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    Winterization Guide

    Is there a good guide out there for closing an AGP for the winter? New owner here and on the fence about DIY vs. having someone do it for the first year.
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    Heavy rains and algae

    Thanks. At the start of the season I was only running the filter for about 10hrs a day and turning it off at night. After my first algae bout, I started leaving run 24x7 to keep things circulating. My most recent CYA reading is probably the most accurate. I didn't realize until then that...
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    First year pool owner here. Been following the TFP method all season. I typically check my FC and PH levels at least every other day. All season this year I've been using liquid chlorine, adding on an as needed basis using the pool math app. My question is, what is the best way to keep...
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    Heavy rains and algae

    First year AGP owner here. Been following the TFP method all season with mostly success. Earlier this week we had two consecutive days of heavy rain. The day following the storm, I pulled the solar cover to find a significant amount of leaf debris in the pool. I scooped it all out and...
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    Is "smart" home or alexa able to control your system?

    I'm using this GE Z-Wave smart switch with Home Assistant. Works great