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    TUBgrime Spa Project (Photo Heavy)

    So got electric hooked up and started to fill the tub. There is a crack on the end cap to the heater I have to fix (28 bucks), and my circ pump is shot and need to replace (150$). So got those parts ordered and the tub draining again into the yard now. I am pretty bummed about it but anyway...
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    TUBgrime Spa Project (Photo Heavy)

    Thanks RDspaguy, I looked up the code for the subpanel and you are right. I need to build a platform beneath to make the height 6' 7" to the breakers (it is 1 ft too high). I have not yet put water in it. I have a good friend who is electrician that coming to help me this week. The 8 AWG wire...
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    TUBgrime Spa Project (Photo Heavy)

    Hello everyone and Happy Holidays. I have been waiting patiently for a deal and one popped up in my area for a used hot tub. I purchased a 2007 Hot Springs Envoy which is a 5 seater 450 gallon tub off of Facebork Marketplace for 600 bucks. Here's a photo of the listing. The guy selling was...
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    Introduction: Greetings from East Texas

    Thank you. I appreciate it
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    Introduction: Greetings from East Texas

    Hello everyone, I live in Longview, Texas and was introduced to your page by a friend from work. He was right in that there is an amazing wealth of knowledge written in these forums and seemingly common sense approach to pool/spa maintenance. I purchased a project spa that I will have a...