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    Vinyl liner leak

    Pictures of the pool right now. It seems the draining has stopped at the water level even with the jets in the seats (see pictures). The water is way below the skimmers and slightly below both other jets (we have 4 altogether). See pictures below. I can shut off the valves to the returns...
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    Vinyl liner leak

    I got the pictures added... since I've posted it, the water has continued to drain so it is right at the jets in the spa. I am going to monitor for a couple more days and see if it levels out there. If it does, I would assume that is a pretty good indication of a supply problem in those lines...
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    Vinyl liner leak

    I have a leak somewhere in my pool, hoping to get some tips from people who have been down this. A few days ago my pool was at the proper level, half way up the skimmer. I noticed it dropping after a couple days and was hoping it was evaporating a little. But then it lost another couple inches...
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    Help with renovation ideas - stamped concrete vs pavers?

    Apologize if this gets a little long winded. We are looking to do a renovation on our pool. I'd like to expand the patio/decking and replace some of the white concrete. The pool was build about 10-15 years ago (not by us). Hoping to get some feedback from some people who have been down this road...
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    Please help! Trying to blow out lines

    Thanks for your help. I'm still a little confused on one issue. Can the jandy valves handle air without leaking? I installed these bungee plugs in my 4 returns. I wasn't able to redirect air to winterize them one at a time. My thought was the air pressure wasn't enough to fully open the bungee...
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    Please help! Trying to blow out lines

    I replaced the spider gasket last year. I think the main thing I am misunderstanding is, are you able to redirect air with these valves? Because I can't seem to isolate any of my lines. Doing what ajw22 suggested, I removed the union and used the shop vac to blow directly in to the return lines...
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    Please help! Trying to blow out lines

    Thanks. I'll open up the MPV tomorrow and see if that was the case. I was trying a couple different tecniques with the compressor including "building up" the pressure then attaching it with the 40psi. If I have to remove the union between the chlorinator and valve, no way to use a compressor...
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    Please help! Trying to blow out lines

    I've been struggling with this... with the MPV on recirculate it should take the filter out of the loop right? However it's not. Air is still getting in to the filter. To blow out the supply/suction side I had to plug up the pump. Now I moved that plug to the pump basket inlet side to secure the...