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    ION-8000 LED illuminator for fiber optic system upgrade

    Greetings, I've searched several ways and not found anything on this topic, so hopefully this hasn't been asked/answered a dozen times already... Does anyone have experience with the ION-8000 LED illuminator for fiber optic pool lights?
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    Tip for removing stubborn fiber optic wall fitting??

    I have a defunct Fiberstars lighting system in the pool and spa that I will be replacing with a niche-less LED system. I can't get this fitting out from the spa wall. The PVC is just under 2" diameter. Is there a special tool I should purchase? Local pool store guy didn't know what I was...
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    EasyTouch Running Pump at Random Times

    I recently upgraded to an EasyTouch 8 w/ SCG to control my Intelliflo VS pump. I have a schedule set up as follows: 2400 rpm pool filtration 6AM-6PM 3200 rpm in-floor cleaner 7AM-9AM 3200 rpm in-floor cleaner 3:45PM-5:45PM Despite the schedule, I'm noticing that the high speed mode is...
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    Easytouch and Mastertemp setup questions

    Greetings seasoned experts! So, we bought a house with a pool two years ago. All the equip was a mess, so we replaced what we could afford at the time to get it running. I've been manually controlling everything, so it was time for automation. This weekend I installed an EasyTouch 8SC, with...