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    Rainbow 320 - Slow Dissolve

    I've been working this issue for a couple of weeks. The 3 inch tabs are dissolving very slowly. I've replaced the check valve, o-rings, back-washed the filter, etc. I also inspected the canister screen/filter at the bottom of the canister. It's not clogged. The pump runs on high speed from...
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    Urgent Next steps??

    Here are my current levels using my TFT test kit FAC - 3 CH - 175 TA - 100 PH - 7.8 CYA - 25 to 30 CSI - 0.13 (according to Pool Math app) OCLT - 3.5 to 3 (tested last night with pump that ran on low speed for 4 hours, no chlorine added overnight) Recent steps over the last two weeks...
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    Rainbow 320 Chlorinator troubleshooting

    I searched for answers but I’ve haven’t found any hence this post. My tabs aren’t dissolving/melting. Here are the steps I’ve taken/confirmed so far: Backwashed filter confirmed water is flowing into the canister by removing the lid and watching the water flow, solid flow removed screen from...
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    Manifold stuck in filter - Help!

    I'm attempting a thourough cleaning of my Jandy filter. I cant remove the grid to directly clean the grids. As you can see from the picture the manifold is stuck on the outlet pipe. I've tried wriggling and twisting gently the manifold. I'm using the built-in handles on the manifold to lift...
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    CYA Drain & Refill Guidance

    Using a TF-100, I get the following results: FAC 9.5, CH 325, TA 100, CYA 150, PH 7.5. Obviously, my CYA is really high. I used the pool math calculator and it said i should drain 75% and refill to bring CYA down to 40. My pool is 22K gallons and I live in Dallas, TX. Questions: Does...
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    Pump Functionality Question

    Please see the picture. Why is there a hose bib on the outlet pipe of my pump? I've had the pool for a couple of years and I've never used it. The only thing I could think of was a way to prime the pump?
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    Polaris 280 cleaner not moving

    I'm in Dallas Tx and survived the freeze! All of my pool equipment seems to work fine except the Polaris 280 cleaner with Polaris PB4-60 booster pump. The cleaner is not moving at all. I disconnected the cleaner hose from the side of the pool. There's a weak stream of water coming from the...
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    High CYA, Crystal clear water

    I have the TFP test (which I love!) and I'm getting a reading of 110 on the CYA, FAC 11, PH 7.5, TA 80, CH 300. How could my CYA be so high but my water so clear? I thought the high CYA makes the water cloudy. BTW, I'm going to drain a lot of water tomorrow and refill. Yes, I'm still using...
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    Aqualink Systems

    My pool builder's contract included a line item for my system that states "1 Jandy Aqualink PDA^ computer control system". I ended up with an Aqualink RS4 system that I control via my phone app. I also didn't get a Jandy remote/PDA. Two questions: Does the original PDA system allow you to...
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    Booster Pump plumbing

    I have a Polaris booster pump for my 280 cleaner. The pump has a small leak where the return line connects to the pump. It's a small leak but it's annoying and causing weeds to grow around my equipment! As you can see from the pictures, my return line is 1 1/2 PVC connected directly to the...
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    Polaris 280 Stuck on stairs

    My pool/cleaner is 1 year old. It's worked perfectly for a year. Over the last month, it started getting stuck on the 2nd level of my stairs. I checked and I'm getting 30 RPM on the single wheel side. The valve is cycling every 2.5 minutes. I removed the entire backup valve and inspected...
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    CYA Levels

    My pool is 1 year old. I'm using an in-line chlorinator with 3 inch tabs. I've been studying the TFP method and have learned the tabs add CYA over time. My questions is how can the CYA only be 60 after using the tabs religiously for a year? Shouldn't it be higher? I live in Dallas and the...
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    How to add Jandy Valve Actuator to iAquaLink/PCB

    I currently have the RS-PS4 Pool & Spa Rev T.2 CPU/software on my power control board (PCB). This system supports pump, heater, and three auxiliaries. My pump is a Jandy 2 speed pump. I have a blower for the spa and lights for the pool. The system was installed with two JVAs for the intake...