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    Random burn mark on Hayward skimmer

    Hello fellow TFP followers... I've recently noticed a hole forming on the right side of my skimmer. It is an above-ground (24') w/ a Hayward 1.5hp pump and DE filter. Pool and filter/pump is approx. 4 years old. We recently added an electric heat pump; RayPak 5450 which is hooked up from the...
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    Proper electric heat pump plumbing setup

    Hello fellow TFP followers, I recently purchased a Raypak 5450 Electric Heat pump for my 24' above-ground pool w/ 1HP Hayward Pump. I have an electrician doing the wiring, however, I'd like to attempt the plumbing myself; as I have a (seemingly) simple setup. Plus I assume hiring a plumber is a...