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    1st revision. I am ready to approve? Any last minute thoughts?

    Make sure you get details for your equipment down to manufacturer and model numbers for each. You might want to post it here as there are many knowledgeable to help with a sanity check on the list.
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    New Pool- San Antonio

    The 100 sqft cartridge is pretty small. I have discussed it with the PB and he said to give it a try but he would swap it out for a larger one if I didn't like it. With that, I'm willing to give it a try. We definitely have the wind over here. We are south east of San Antonio in La Vernia...
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    Almost done…….

    Incredible stonework. You have some real artisans there!
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    New Pool- San Antonio

    Thanks for the replies! There was an interesting situation with the equipment that ended in a bit of a bait and switch due to inattentiveness on my part. The PB and I discussed Pentair products pre contract but never specifics. When the contract was written it literally said "Pentair...
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    New Pool- San Antonio

    Been a interesting week...Had a leak at the pump that ran all night and led to a partial collapse of the backfill. Got that fixed and refilled the pool and got the lights working. Still can't get them to work with the Bluetooth, but I think that is operator error. Also, the concrete folks...
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    First Choice pump , filter, and lights

    I have discussed, at length, the equipment issues with my PB and I guess its on me. The contract actually said Pentair skimmer, vs pump, filter, lights, etc. meaning the fact that the only thing I have that is Pentair is a skimmer IS what the contract said. Yep, buyer beware! We had...
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    First Choice pump , filter, and lights

    Thanks to all, once again, for all the great information. I am going to discuss this with the PB next time he is out and see what he has to say about it. I am actually leaning toward giving it a shot, but that will depend on him and what he is willing to do.
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    Keeping the pool shell clean while under construction

    I tried to do the same and keep it clean but the contractors would not cooperate so I just gave up. And yes, the tile guy was the worst and caused a lot of work for the plaster folks!
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    New Pool- San Antonio

    Found the site a bit late, but I guess I am still in the "under construction" phase as the pool just started filling today and they come out to form the deck and patio for the concrete pour in a couple of days. We broke ground July 13th and it has been a bit of a ride. The pool was formed a...
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    Shotcrete pt1.jpg

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    First Choice pump , filter, and lights

    I don't have it in front of me, but I believe it just says "properly sized". The only spec I remember was a variable speed pump. We had discussed this at length and I, naively thought we were on the same page. The pool is a 15X30 roman style, no spa or water features, just a decent pool to...
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    First Choice pump , filter, and lights

    Interesting. Thanks for that. I found their website and a few wholesalers but I guess I am looking for experiences about the durability and ease of repair, if necessary, from folks who have this gear. I am not opposed to giving something a try, just want to go in eyes wide open... Thanks...
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    First Choice pump , filter, and lights

    Super basic setup...they still don't have the controller set up yet.
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    First Choice pump , filter, and lights

    It had Pentair on the contract, but I am willing to keep an open mind if the gear is decent. I've had issues with both Pentair and Hayward in the past. I am just not sure if this is a new brand that is an up and comer or what... has Made in USA all over it for what its worth. Thanks, Bob
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    First Choice pump , filter, and lights

    I am in the finishing stages of my build and my PB brought out and hooked up the equipment. I have not been able to find a lot of reviews or any other useful info about the brand through many searches and I had never heard of this brand and was wondering what experiences others have had with...