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    Taste of a salt water pool

    I can definitely taste the salt, but the general feel of the water is so much better. My salt is level is 3200-3400.
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    Where did my cya go????????????

    Thanks to mknauss and this forum for the help again. When I first bought this house and pool, I had a continuing algae problem. Once I found this forum, I realized my issue was cya over 200, and many trips to the pool store was not going to fix my problem. I guess I got gun shy and didn't want...
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    Where did my cya go????????????

    Just looked at the search results, I guess this is not such a mysterious issue after all. I will add some I have and get some more tomorrow. Any thoughts on which is better, liquid or granules?
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    Where did my cya go????????????

    Just re-tested after the pump shut down, 6.5 cl. Will test in the am before work, looks like a slam is in the works.
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    Where did my cya go????????????

    The pool has been holding 45-50 since I installed the swcg in May. Always at 30 when I was using jugs. It tested 0 for the first time last week maybe? I just couldn't believe it was low. I wish I could have gotten those results when it was at 200+ several years ago. I drained the pool then to...
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    Where did my cya go????????????

    No, it was 0, but I thought maybe because the cl was at 0.5, that the cya was reading wrong.
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    Where did my cya go????????????

    My pool turned cloudy last week, when I tested it my cl was 0.5. I thought my swcg was not working, so I set it to super-chlorinate. Seems to be working, I can see it making chlorine. My cya has been holding at 45-50, now it tests at 0.??? I read about the ammonia test, added 185oz 10%, and I...
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    Looks good, I know what you mean about pouring jugs every day. So much easier , and the guys at Salt Water Pool are great to talk to.
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    Brand new Circupool sj-45 shuts off after salt and cell lights turn on red

    I read this whole thread, I hate that it is not working for you. I see alot about metals in the water, can this cause an issue??? I don't know, just grasping at straws???
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    Brand-new CircuPool RJ45

    I just installed my RJ30+ over the weekend, and my salt level is almost exactly what the K1766 shows. I let the salt circulate almost a week before I started the SWG. I also found about residual salt from the chlorine, I added 7 bags (280lbs), when the charts said I would need 11 bags, my salt...
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    New SWCG install, just one oops!

    I saw that, but they mention doing that if you have insufficient flow. All the ones I have seen pics of show the bulge side up. ? It is working good as is, anybody have an opinion about this???
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    New SWCG install, just one oops!

    Yea, once the glue sets up, it is there!!!:(
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    New SWCG install, just one oops!

    Whats wrong with this picture? Lucky I had enough pipe to cut and install the threaded nut, then glue in a union. The rest of the install went as expected, and it works!!! Circu pool RJ30+ from Discount Salt. Starting and finished pic included. One tip...... Don't add your salt until you get...
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    Use pucks to raise CYA?

    Bitcoin............Makes me nervouso_O I've had that bucket of pucks 4 years, since I drained my pool to lower the cya. ( before I knew better). Figured I'd make use of them, but you're right, they may be good as gold soon.(y)
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    Use pucks to raise CYA?

    I am converting to a salt pool, can I use the bucket of pucks I have to raise the cya, or should I just get some conditioner to raise it? Currently use liquid chlorine, and keep my cya around 30, need to raise it to 60 or so. Comments?
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    Florida Pool care in the winter

    I used to check the chlorine and ph every day. Now that I 'know' my pool, I add 26oz chlorine every day, run all the tests once a week. Add as needed then. Works for me.:)
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    Stable chemistry, cloudy after adding phosfree

    If you hang out around here it will all make sense. When I first started my own pool maintenance, it seemed so intimidating, but after a few months here, I feel like an expert. It is not that hard to put it all together, this is the place to be. Get that test kit and get at it!!!
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    pH keeps going up?

    My pool was the same for a while, then when the ta dropped closer to 50-60, the ph settled at 7.6 -7.8. It seems to hang right in that area , I only add acid occasionally now.
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    My first trip to leslies for a water test

    Hey, it must be right, I read it on the internet!
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    High PH. low TA, which way to go first?

    And thanks for the help, since joining the site my pool looks better than ever.
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    High PH. low TA, which way to go first?

    Looks like 2 8oz pucks will raise my cya 3.8, and lower ph by 0.2. They seem to take about a week to dissolve in the floater, seems like it won't make too much difference over an extended time.
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    High PH. low TA, which way to go first?

    Per PM, my cl target is 2.0 to 6, added 31oz today. Also, my ph does seem to like to stay around 7.6, usually settles for a few days at 7.8, then I add some ma to keep it from getting out of range. Also, does my pool math logs show up, I don't see them on my screen?
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    High PH. low TA, which way to go first?

    OOPS. ph is 7.8. The chlorine level is about where it is daily at test time. Added 31oz today, seems to have settled around there most days.
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    High PH. low TA, which way to go first?

    Todays numbers: FC2.5 CC0.0 TA70 CH200 CYA30 CSI-0.05 So my ph is up, so I need to add some muriatic acid, but that will bring my TA down? PM calls for 38oz baking soda to bring the ta up, 16oz ma, to bring the ph down. Which way to go first??? Also, my cya is probably less than 30, ok to use...
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    Ph - adjustments?

    This is good to know, my pool seems to be the same, ph likes to ride 7.6-7.8.
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    10ml vs 25ml DPD Testing

    TFTestkits is the best. I made a small order on Sunday night, expecting to get a reply Monday. Sunday night I get an email,with a tracking number, the order arrived Wednesday. Great service, and great prices as well.Doesn't get any better than that!(y)