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    Power ipad and raspberry pi from controller

    My LCD went bad on my Jandy OneTouch and I decided to replace it with Aqualinkd with a raspberry pi. I am going to remove the Jandy OneTouch and put an ipad in its place on the wall. I got everything to work except I am cannot get power to the ipad. I bought the following to power my ipad...
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    Suggestions on Stains

    This is the first year I decided to maintain my pool after 3 years in our house. I have 3 stains that the pool guy said was from plaster wear and rebar stain. He said the only way to get rid of them was to replaster the whole pool that would cost around $10k. I think the pool is around 25...
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    New pressure gauge question

    My old pressure gauge had water in it because the pool guy left it out over the winter in the filter lid. The pressure gauge would show 10-12 as normal pressure with backwashing above 12. This year I decided to take care of the pool myself and after opening it, the pool was green. I...
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    Pentair Multi-port leak

    My pentair sm2-pp2 multi-port is leaking from the top. I was wondering what I should buy to fix it. I saw on the internet rebuild kits and complete assemblies. From everyone's experience, which one would make more sense. Here is a picture of the multi-port. Thanks -Dimitry
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    Questions about pool poles

    We moved into a house a couple of years ago with a pool. We had someone maintain the pool and this year I decided to do it myself. Looking through the shed, I found some pool poles and was hoping to use them since they looked like they were in good shape. One of the poles has a metal piece...
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    Maintaining pool levels

    We moved into a house three years ago and I always had a pool guy maintain my pool throughout the year. This year I decided to try to maintain the pool myself. The pool guy has been using chlorine tablets and I wanted to try using liquid chlorine because I read it causes less problems. I...
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    Need advice on fixing piping leak

    Now that the pool is closed and drained to closing level, I can fix the leak in my pipes. I was wondering if someone can give advice on the best way to fix the problem and what parts I need based on the photo's attached. The leak is on photo leak.jpg marked with a red circle A couple of...
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    Need help understanding my pool plumbing

    I am very confused about the pool plumbing and was hoping someone can help me figure it out. I am attaching four pictures showing the layout. The first picture called Big Picture.jpg has on the right which I called "Pool Equipment Area 1" the filter pump, de filter and polaris pump and all of...
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    Plugging floor returns

    I had a leak between my pump and pump housing which I had my pool guy replace all the seals and gaskets. I also have a leak in the picture below marked with a red circle. When I spoke to the pool guy, he said since I have floor returns, they would have to get divers to go down there and plug...
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    online retailers for safety pool covers

    We bought a house this year with an in ground pool. The previous owners safety cover ripped so they bought a tarp with water bags to cover the pool last year. Having two small children ages 2 and 4, I would like to get a safety pool cover. The questions I have is: 1)I see anchors around...
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    Techniques used to not lose stir bar

    This might sound like a stupid question but was wondering what people do to not lose their stir bar with speedstir after each test. Mine fell in the pool and I had to go after it. I was wondering if someone had a technique so I would not get the chemicals all over my hands to get the stir...
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    Question about equipment

    I was wondering if someone can elaborate on the water circulation of my pool. I know the water goes out through the skimmers to the filter and then back to the pool through the return inlet. I was wondering if someone can explain at the bottom of my pool the drains and what is the difference...
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    Fixing broken tiles

    I know this pool was built in 1992. Some of the tiles are coming off and I was wondering if anyone knows the tile pattern or could direct me where I could get replacements? Thanks -Dimitry
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    Question about unused pool equipment

    I was wondering if someone could tell me what this is and how to remove it? It is located near my spa blower next to the house. My pool guy told me that is no longer used and need to be very careful when removing it because it has acid in it. Thanks -Dimitry
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    Explanation of equipment

    I have a 30k in ground pool with a filter pump, polaris cleaner pump and de filter which is located down at the bottom of the pool. I also have a spa blower located next to the house and am not sure what the valves next to the spa blower do. I am attaching pictures and was wondering if...
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    Questions about design of pool

    I am new to this forum and to owning a pool. We just purchased a home at the end of March 2013 and I am trying to learn as much as I can about the pool. My pool has a spa attached to it with a small waterfall. The wall between the pool and spa also has a small hole opening. Why would...
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    Jandy Spa Switch

    I am new to this forum and to owning a pool. We just purchased a home at the end of March 2013 and I am trying to learn as much as I can about the pool. This year it is being maintained by the pool company that the previous owners were using. I would like to start maintaining it myself...