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    Cartridge Filter Size- PB says 200sf is the largest they make??

    Trying to decide on PB for 35 x 14 pool (3.5-5’ slope with 72sf sun shelf if that matters) Had a meeting today with one of final 2… was going over any last questions and asked if cartridge filter size should be larger than 200sf (based on some things I’ve read on this site). PB (who uses...
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    New member- Finalizing PB for new pool & spa in Tampa, FL

    Within a week of deciding on our pool builder. Wanted to run our design and specs by this forum to make sure we aren't missing anything in our quotes. Looking at spending just north of $100k all in, so prefer not to have any unexpected surprise costs! Footprint is going to be about 19.5'x38'...
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    New Build- Tampa, FL- Social Area & In Pool Seating Options

    New here, just getting started on the design of our pool. We are 30-40yrs old, no kids and would like the space mostly for entertaining, relaxing at night/weekends, and potentially exercise as we get older. We may have a few kids over from time to time, but mostly adults using for socializing...