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    Power ipad and raspberry pi from controller

    I figured it out. I found an old power supply that outputted 12VDC. I wired one end to120VAC in the pool box and attached the other end to the low voltage cables going to the house. Then I connected the USB cable converter to the low voltage cables.
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    Power ipad and raspberry pi from controller

    I put the raspberry inside the house. The controller at the bottom of the hill has a bundle of 16 low voltage conductor cables running to the house. Similar to this: I cannot figure out how to convert 120VAC or is there something on the board that will give me 12 VDC. I also connected...
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    Power ipad and raspberry pi from controller

    My LCD went bad on my Jandy OneTouch and I decided to replace it with Aqualinkd with a raspberry pi. I am going to remove the Jandy OneTouch and put an ipad in its place on the wall. I got everything to work except I am cannot get power to the ipad. I bought the following to power my ipad...
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    Suggestions on Stains

    This is the first year I decided to maintain my pool after 3 years in our house. I have 3 stains that the pool guy said was from plaster wear and rebar stain. He said the only way to get rid of them was to replaster the whole pool that would cost around $10k. I think the pool is around 25...
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    Maintaining pool levels

    Here is a photo of updated pool: Thanks again, -Dimitry
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    Maintaining pool levels

    I just wanted to thank everyone that helped me get this pool under control. I was ready to give up but now the pool is clear and chemical levels are correct. My major in college was Biochemistry/Computer Science but I have not used my biochemistry for close to 20 years. I knew my...
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    Pentair Multi-port leak

    Scoop, Thanks for the reply and other thread. It was very helpful. A couple of questions: 1)How long did it take you to replace the top assembly? Just trying to allocate my time. When you have kids, it is difficult to have a lot of time to work on projects:) 2)How did you finally get the...
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    Pentair Multi-port leak

    How do I know if I have: Pentair - Praher 2 SM20 Parts - or Jandy Side Mount Valve-DE (SM20-2) Parts - or are they the same? Thanks -Dimitry
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    New pressure gauge question

    My old pressure gauge had water in it because the pool guy left it out over the winter in the filter lid. The pressure gauge would show 10-12 as normal pressure with backwashing above 12. This year I decided to take care of the pool myself and after opening it, the pool was green. I...
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    Pentair Multi-port leak

    My pentair sm2-pp2 multi-port is leaking from the top. I was wondering what I should buy to fix it. I saw on the internet rebuild kits and complete assemblies. From everyone's experience, which one would make more sense. Here is a picture of the multi-port. Thanks -Dimitry
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    Maintaining pool levels

    I was adding liquid chlorine to bring up the slam to 16 at a CYA of 40. In my initial posts, I was just writing the amounts to make sure I was adding the correct amounts but I added more after that but never posted it. Thanks -Dimitry
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    Maintaining pool levels

    Good Point! Thanks for keeping me on track. -Dimitry
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    Maintaining pool levels

    I am assuming that when I raised on Monday from 9 to 16 and then checked last night and the FC was still 16 then it passed the OCLT. Is that a correct assumption? Thanks -Dimitry
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    Maintaining pool levels

    So I did some test again: CYA went up to 40 but I thought liquid chlorine 10% was not supposed to increase it. FC was 16 which is shock level and when I did the test last night it was also 9 and I put in more liquid chlorine to raise to 16 CC was 0.5 which is good. The pool looks clear and...
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    Maintaining pool levels

    Thanks for all your advice. Maybe I am just impatient but my wife says it looks a lot better than the pictures I posted on post #35. When I brush, I do not see anything come off like when you are washing something in the house. I thought the chlorine was supposed to turn it white and the...
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    Maintaining pool levels

    I feel like I am at my wits end. So I did another test last night: Water Temp: 60 F FC: 17.5 CC: 1.0 This morning the test was: Water Temp: 60 F FC: 15.5 CC: 1.0 I have been brushing and brushing but it does not seem like it will come off. Either the brushes I bought are not the right...
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    Maintaining pool levels

    So I did another test this morning: Water Temp: 60 F FC: 17.5 PH: 7.5 TA: 130 CH: 210 CYA: Around 29 CC: 1.0 Filter pressure: 12 (which is around what it was last year) The pool looks clear but still a lot of algae on the walls. Pictures attached. The shock level for CYA 30 is 12 but I have...
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    Maintaining pool levels

    So I have been at it morning and night. Here is what I did: -Change DE from Circulate to Filter with backwashing in between -Vacuumed using waste -The water turned clear but have a lot of dark green Algae spots (the whole back wall in the deep end especially). I will put up pictures tomorrow...
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    Questions about pool poles

    We moved into a house a couple of years ago with a pool. We had someone maintain the pool and this year I decided to do it myself. Looking through the shed, I found some pool poles and was hoping to use them since they looked like they were in good shape. One of the poles has a metal piece...
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