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    Trying to ID Skimmer & How it is Plumbed

    Thanks ajw, I have thought that option to be the wisest long term. I think I'll stick with my Vac Mate and Phoenix pool cleaner until it needs to be replaced. Then I'll spring for a nice robot & let the pool suction handle all the skimming. I do still want to find out how everything works in my...
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    Trying to ID Skimmer & How it is Plumbed

    I only have 1 suction hole in my pool (other than the main drain) and it is in my skimmer. This forces me to use a Pentair Vac-Mate to be able to skim & vacuum simultaneously, which works okay but could be alot better if I could divert some suction from the main drain to the skimmer. I'm pretty...
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